🔴 Professional Fashion Photography w/ Benjamin Kanarek interview & on Fujifilm


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21 thoughts on “🔴 Professional Fashion Photography w/ Benjamin Kanarek interview & on Fujifilm

  1. When you watch gear channels and reviews things become absolutes. Something is either good or it’s trash. One sensor type is “pro” while another is garbage. Videos like this are a good reality check. A pro photographer can do amazing things with a good body and a lens. Nitpicking on the details of the gear means nothing in the end

  2. Ken you if interest of others do a compare of D500 which you love and the Fuji dt3 I just bought the D500 vs your recommendation now after hearing you and ben about the Fuji, with all your must have Nikon lens I feel excited to get the D500 soon

  3. That was photographer B. Kanarek. Now we'll patiently wait for some commenter that says: "crop sensor is too small, it is not professional, it's too noisy, you need a full frame".

  4. Wow, Ken. I watched this just to see what a high-fashion pro was doing with the X-T3 for portraiture – so it was very helpful and I am GRATEFUL. The X-H1 arrived yesterday and I shot with it the first time today – no $100K dresses, just a beautiful altar flower arrangement, fire ceremony, and music rehearsal. Quite a jump in image quality from the X-T20. Still – I'm very impressed that BK is not shy of using ANY gear that works including the X-T20. "Whatever works." A rule that confounds the pixel squeakies. You were a gracious host; hope you'll do more like this.

  5. Ben is such a down to earth great guy. He's actually responded to my messages. Just surprised me. He comes across as that pro that's not ignorant. Who is willing to continue learning.

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