10 EASY Fashion Tips To Level Up Your Student Style | RMRS Young Man Image Videos

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10 Tips To Level Up Your Style As A Young Man

Figure out your individual style – 0:17
Physical characteristics – 0:35
Resources – 0:54
Physical and Professional Environment – 1:19
Find items that get better with age – 1:50
Stop believing your education is all you need – 3:26
Build an interchangeable wardrobe – 3:58
Have a daily uniform that is a cut above – 4:37
Avoid oversized logos – 5:04
Know and use the style pyramid – 5:20
Pay attention to your grooming – 5:47
Use liquid courage to your advantage – 7:02

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32 thoughts on “10 EASY Fashion Tips To Level Up Your Student Style | RMRS Young Man Image Videos

    Thank you for mentioning that no-logo is preferred. More people and companies need to start realizing this. It is so frustrating to find winter hats, socks, shirts, pants, etc.that have logos. I'm sure that there are some people that buy certain clothing because of the brand and want to display it.

  2. Hey I am 16 years old and I am slowly getting into dressing better. Mainly because start realising that I only have about two years before I graduate and thean I have to apply for a job.
    Now I have a pretty small waredrobe, but it isnt very interchangeable. So my question would be how can I change that without throwing and rebuying everything, because I am kind of tide an a budget?

  3. If you're lucky to have a personal locker in school like I do, I can strongly recommend to have a nice blazer hanging there for when those last minute company invitations or coffee date happen. Saved me a few times! I also keep a basic grooming kit there.

  4. Hey Marine, you mentioned once that you were fired after you got your Masters, I think your viewers would benefit hearing what happened and based on your success as a Marine Officer it affected and caused you to reflect on what happened. Semper Fi Marine and P.S. Go Army Beat Navy

  5. "Look the part". Could you please elaborate on that. Perhaps a future video. I had a friend who lost a job and I think it was because they did not "look the part" and their internal customer service skills, or lack thereof. I believe some people could benefit from a video in this.

  6. As a new college student, remember your #1 priority is grades. Unless you’re going into business or the arts, they would overlook your appearance for your talents. They might even welcome the fact that you look a little unkept. Stay focused though.

  7. Good video. But why are you wearing two collars? I think one is enough. In my opinion, a t-shirt would look better under this wonderful sweater. Btw… Where can I get this polo sweaters from? Much love from Germany.

  8. So agree with the logo stuff. I am not an advertising billboard and your tacky massive logo can often ruin what would be a nice piece of clothing. I gotten to the stage I almost always turn down even small logos on clothes such as chest logos and be happy if the large ones would disappear forever.

  9. I'm glad you made this video Antonio because it got to the point where I associate bad style the word "student" it is unfortunate and I hope more student starts to dress better.

  10. Dear Antonio,

    I want to thank you for your well informed advice.
    I used to walk around in a black shirt, green trousers without buttons and sandals (Uarggggg)
    But after a recent break up I decided that I wanted to up my style and not drown in the masses of sloppy dressed hipsters at university.
    As a student i save money when it comes to drinking so I can spend it at my tailor πŸ˜€
    I am now very well dressed and got incredebly confident with myself.
    Thank you for being a great tutor on the way.

    Greetings from germany.

  11. Proud to say you've inspired me Antonio! As a student, my style game has shot way up (I wear a dress shirt, tie, and sweater almost every day), I get tons of compliments, and my confidence is higher than ever. Thanks so much for the great content!

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