10 Fashion Trends Everyone Should Try In 2019 – How To Style

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10 Fashion Trends Everyone Should Try In 2019 – How To Style

Fashion trends come and go and not all trends suit everyone but there are a number of cool new trends that I think everyone should try in 2019.

So if you’re looking for some fashion inspo then these top 10 trends are a great place to start. I’ve chosen these trends in particular because they are the most universally flattering trends on the radar this year and they are also practical and can be worn for more than one season.

Anyway, I’d love to hear if there are any that you’re loving (or loathing) in the comments below.

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25 thoughts on “10 Fashion Trends Everyone Should Try In 2019 – How To Style

  1. luckily the things you’ve mentioned i already have lol

    but my FAVOURITE piece is a leather biker jacket! you can never go wrong with that!😉👌🏻

  2. Watched this video because I am interested in trends. Bit suprised on what you selected as trends, most are not new. More disappointed, however, in the way you push it and claim these to be for everyone. In my opinion nobody has to try any of it if they don’t like it. Also trends and a specific style or item is hardly ever flattering for everyone. Pick and choose what you like and feel absolutely free to leave what doesn’t suit you for whatever reason.

    Now to the trends:
    1. Layered necklaces: agree that this seems to be trending. Personally I like one larger more statement necklace. Has become very much part of my personal style. Likely to stick with that, because I like all of my pieces; timeless, often unique artisan pieces, non-trendy and very personal as each has a story. Get positive reactions and complements on my necklace.
    2. Oversized boxy blazers: have been around for longer. Bought a checked one some time ago (one or even two years). Waste! NOT flattering at all! May try to get it tailored but most likely going to pass it on. Looking at a lot of the fashion shows For this season, I was very happy to see just as many beautifully tailored blazers. So that’s what I’ll go for.
    3. Puffy sleeves: agree that those look interesting. Am going to try them to see if I can find a style that suits me and is not to trendy. Want to be able to wear my items for more than one season. Also quite sure that not everybody looks great in them.
    4. Circular bags: interesting. Not sure how practicul they are. Definitely not timeless. May try a cheap one after checking that my essential fit in it. But could also be that I let this pass by. Generally bags are investment pieces for me, so I go for more classic, less trendy quality pieces.
    5. Squared-toed shoes: not my style. Prefer the also very trendy alongating, more elegant pointy style, in the right size so my toes fit in the shoe comfortably and sensibly – not going to ruin my feet for a trend.
    6. Tailored shorts: happy they’re trendy now. For me they are a staple in my summer wardrobe, although they’re sometimes hard to find. So this year will try to find a few that I can wear in the coming years. Trendy or not.
    7. Athliesure: that’s not new, is it? Like items that refer to sportswear, but please not actual sportwear for everyday wear. See way too much of that in settings where it doesn’t belong if you ask me.
    8. Flats: was almost chocked when I spotted these wierd feathery, furry foot wear on the runway. Just ugly and so unflattering. Nothing against flats in general. Love wearing ballerina flats in summer (style and colour varying
    9. Utility wear: not sure what you mean. Last two pictures show boiler suits, which are very trendy. This year’s version of the already longer running jumpsuit trend. Love jumpsuits for there elegant look. Although not the most practical in certain situations (like public bathrooms for example), did have two and loved wearing them, esp. on hot summer days. Not sure if the current boiler suit versions suit my figure and fit my style. May try one on in the shops to check.
    10. Fring: looking to the fashion shows I was suprised how flattering some of the fringed outfits looked. In general not a big fan. Don’t think it’s me. Also think it’s going look dated soon. Not something you can reuse and restyle next year. So no from me.

  3. Sorry, but I have to disagree with you on some things that you say are timeless and will never go out of style.
    Oversized boxy blazers, and puffy sleeves have been out of style for awhile and square toed shoes have been out of style for years and years. Because…they went out of style
    Now if you want to say they should be in style for some years to come, then I agree. But timeless, No.
    But I do love your videos

  4. Your 10 fashion tips in this video are very informative on what going on down the runway and magazines. This is the best time to thrift because style just repeating it self (you just have to update how you wear it) and you can find good quality example of these items with a good price in your local thrift stores. Thanks for sharing and blessing to u in 2019

  5. Anyone who has tried layered necklaces usually never wears them again. They get tangled horribly. I've tried it many times with different combination, and while they look nice in a photo, it's completely impractical and doesn't work. Secondly, puff sleeves do not look good on everyone. They look horrible on me, and anyone else 50 and up in my opinion. I've lost interest in your channel because you generalize too much about what "everyone" can wear. I don't fit into many of the "everyone can wear" categories and I know I'm not the only one.

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