1920’s – Fashion Trends Through The Decades!

Today we’re looking back at Fashion History with a spotlight on The Roaring Twenties! The 20’s is one of my favourite decades for style, hair and makeup thanks to my love for The Great Gatsby & Flappers aesthetic, so I thought it would be a good place to start for this new series of Fashion Through The Decades!

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I know this is a lot more chatty than my usual lookbook videos, but I thought it might be nice to switch things up every now and then to look back at fashion trends from the past and how they came about. Hopefully you enjoy!! If you do please give it a thumbs up and let me know which other ‘Fashion History’ videos you want to see!

What I wore:
Lipstick – True Brown K lipliner & Essence Femme Fatal lipliner
Hair Accessory – Vintage (My great, great granny’s)
Beaded Cape – Boohoo | Similar – http://bit.ly/2vKxeqV
Fringe Top – Thrifted
Fringe Skirt – H&M | Similar – http://bit.ly/2vKSa12

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46 thoughts on “1920’s – Fashion Trends Through The Decades!

  1. An amazing video overall, just a few quick corrections, the hemlines didn’t rise to above the knee for several more decades, unless you were very risqué. Also fringe wasn’t actually very popular at all, it was very expensive and most women couldn’t afford it. The myth that it was a trend actually appeared sometime around the 1979s

  2. i'm so disappointed in this video, this is not true 1920s fashion,make up was much more light and natural and flapper dresses were only for like jazz shows and was not the norm in 1920s, The slang word "flap" was used for a young prostitute as early as 1631, Flappers were seen as brash for wearing excessive makeup, drinking, smoking cigarettes, treating sex in a casual manner, and otherwise flouting social and sexual norms.also fun fact knees were not showed a lot till the 1960s.

  3. I'm majoring in history and, to be honest, I was expecting a much more shallow approach to the historical background, but you surprised me wonderfully! Most people don't know that everyday wear dresses weren't that short.

    Love your channel and thanks for always bringing us great inspiration! <3

  4. Well the whole entire concept of the 1920s being dressed that are above the knee are totally wrong. Prostitutes and dancers were really the only people who wore dresses above the knee

  5. It's sad that we don't dress like this no more today. 😕🙁 + I'm gonna get my 1920s-2000s outfits & wear them proudly! 😎👩🏽👸🏽✌🏽️🤙🏽✨💞 + You forgot Fredi Washington; she's an awesome light-skinned black-mulatta/black-biracial african american woman back then in the movies. 😊

  6. There needs to be a distinction between movie makeup vs what an average person would wear. Many of your "makeup" pictures are from the silent film industry.

  7. That dress is to short and too fitted and nothing like the 1920s at all. The point of the 1920s was to look like a boy and the dress usually went to the mid calf. They also still wore corests as they were the only bras. Also I feel you are talking mostly about the later 20s to early 30s.

  8. Headed to a roaring 20's party next weekend and this video gave the tips I needed to take what's in my closet and put it together to look the part- I just need a hat/ headband and I'm set! Should be fun! Thanks!

  9. I love the 1920s, I loved how revolutionary it was for fashion and expression. Fur coats and bead detailing were some of my favourties just like the one you were wearing on your top. The 1920s parisian style was the inpsiration behind my HSC drama costume design majowork.

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