1930 Fashion Revue – Color Film

A beautiful rare archive fashion footage in two strip color from 1930 featuring the latest Paris and Chanel inspired designs in women’s clothing. Originally broadcast in movie theaters by the Fashion Features Studio in a series of newsreel commercials through the late 1920s and on into the 1930’s. Priceless.
Footage: Glamourdaze personal Collection

39 thoughts on “1930 Fashion Revue – Color Film

  1. 1:00–Mary Philbin! How nice to see her in this. She may be best remembered for her role as Christine in "The Phantom of the Opera", but personally, I think her performance as Dea in "The Man Who Laughs" was even more wonderful.
    Also, I love the dress she wears in this video. It's adorable.

  2. This charming two tone color Hollywood fashion feature comes from the year 1930 – as far as I can make out from the fashion – the drop waist was disappearing and evening gowns were now longer. The cloche hat reached its zenith by 1932.

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  4. was this actually from the 30's???
    or was this something made in the 40's-50's in 30's fashion?
    i never seen 1930's films with such accurate voicing

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  8. Has anybody noticed how alluring they are? Even covered from head to toe, they are more alluring, cute, and even sexy, then how too many modern women today are walking the streets with their tails hanging out and half half their boobs exposed…YEECH!!

    Streewalkers of those days had more class!

  9. I totally agree! No one really talks like that anymore, unfortunately. Girls at my school talk the total opposite of that, swearing up a wall and saying all kinds of inappropriate things. I'm glad I don't talk like that, or didn't give into that kind of talk. I'm with you…maybe I'll start talking like that to bring it back in style! haha 😉

  10. One thing I hate about today's society is how casual we have come. We no longer have the 'evening flock' or the nice formal wear. It's jeans and short sleeved shirts for everyone. I wish we could go back to looking nice instead of shabby. Thanks for sharing this video.

  11. Yes, I thought that, too. The hats, too, are still much more like 1920s, too. Of course, back then, most women couldn't afford new things every year. That probably made film shorts like this one even more popular!

  12. Hey!….I think this video dates to 1930…not 1932, both cars featured are Ruxtons produced only in 1929 and 1930…there is talk of "The new length" and a higher waist, that debuted in 1930….and were the norm in 1931/32

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