1950s Fashion Film – Circle Skirts and Hairdos

Beautiful 1950’s Fashion film and a trip down style memory lane the mid 1950’s America.
Original footage courtesy of Rick Prelinger – Public Domain archive.

15 thoughts on “1950s Fashion Film – Circle Skirts and Hairdos

  1. Then you sure are a smart girl for having your own brain despite the terrible times of DISfashion that we have now.Do you have a poodle dress?I love them.

  2. I am so fed up with most of the fashions of today, that I have turned to fashions of the 4o's and 50's….so feminine and glamorous. I have begun building a vintage inspired wardrobe and have received many compliments from people of both genders. And some people just have that deer in the headlights look. Either way, it's alot of fun and "I love being a girl."

  3. I was 15 in 1959 and wore these full dresses, great time, so feminine. Not sure why women now wear the stuff they wear today. Do guys and gals think the way they dress is attractive and sexy? I still try to dress feminine. Females shouldn't be dictated and swayed by what is in the stores. If you keep buying that stuff they will keep making it.

  4. I had to laugh at the feathers being put in the hair. That would sooo be frowned upon for obvious sanitary reasons. I miss women wearing those dresses (not that I was around back then). Love the look of the nipped waist and full skirts!

  5. I love this video!!! I truly wish this style would come back! I'm reminded of pictures of my mother in her late teens, early twenties, posing in dresses like these! Women back then had class, they knew how to present themselves and they were very ladylike. I just love that era in style! Thanks for uploading!!!

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