1950’s Fashion – Vintage Paris Catwalk Show

This is a real gem from the vaults The Universal newsreel public domain archive .
Up until the 1950’s Haute Couture or High Fashion traditionally catered for the upper class and wealthy.
Now they began to seek a wider market, and within a year of a gown appearing on the catwalk in Paris or
London, most women could access patterns in Vogue magazine for a fraction of the cost.

31 thoughts on “1950’s Fashion – Vintage Paris Catwalk Show

  1. Woman now a days live only for comfort and its like they're scared to dress beautiful and elegant (plus you can find comfortable and beautiful clothes). If you see someone dress up its only for a special occasion. Everyday should be a special occasion because you're alive and you should be happy about it. life is too short to be lazy about the way you dress. Sure sometimes we have those days but let's not make those days every days. And trust me dressing up is one way of boosting your confidence up.

  2. The dresses are so beautiful! I love the one gown that drapes all over the floor in a pool of satin, but it must get filthy and stepped on all the time when dancing, then what? You couldn't really clean that well I would think. And would you only wear it once? I can't imagine, at least for myself, having that kind of money and wearing the same ball gown twice in a season. I wonder where all those beautiful clothes are today? IThank you so much for sharing these fashions. I love them all!!

  3. I looked up Balmain in favor of the beautiful embroidery work done on the dresses…I was met with nothing less than a deep sigh of disappointment ):

  4. @HarlequinPink Agreed totally, and I have always thought that the clothes from the '50's, etc. were sensual in a dreamy, delightful way – the perfumes and the rich fabrics with all the pearls and jewels…sexiness is beautiful when it's subtle – not overt…

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