I review the fashion from the 2017 Oscars.. yay
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So I decided to review Oscars 2017 fashion after a group of people on YouNow requested. Janelle Monae is my LOVE! Halle barry made some… interesting choices. and can we talk about that La La Land and Moonlight mixup OMG.

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45 thoughts on “2017 OSCARS FASHION REVIEW

  1. "haven't women gone through enough already now you want me to make fun of what they're wearing…okay!"

    me when my friends ask my opinion on what they're wearing

  2. Okay. One OUAT cast member was nominated?
    Only one?
    I hoped that it would at lease be the actress of Emma or Regina. Or the actor of Killian.

    But I guess the Actress of Snow White is okay. At least it wasn't Robin.
    Not Robin Hood but Robin Hood.
    Robin Hood's daughter he had with someone who he thought was Marian, but was actually Zelena, the wicked witch and sister to Regina, the Evil Queen.

    The family is weird

  3. Note to self: don't watch marathons of Mac when your parents are in the room, because no matter how low you turn down the volume and how much you try to bite your lip and make fake keyboard sounds like you are doing your homework, you will still end up laughing the entire time like a dying duck

  4. I think Blue Ribbon means supporting freedom of speach to i'll give a guess on that they are either conservative, racist gun nuts or they are standing up against conservative racist gun nuts

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