9 thoughts on “50 Vintage Photos Showing Fashion Trends of Young Women From the Edwardian Era

  1. Beautiful, haunting and wistful. Notice that some of the women are actually smiling. By this time people were starting to smile in photographs, not because 19th century people never smiled, they certainly did, maybe more than we do today, but because up until about 1890 or so, film was too slow to stop action, and exposures took so long you had to be perfectly still. In the Edwardian era, film was getting fast enough to catch a smile without blurring the picture : ).

  2. So pretty! So ladylike! So feminine!

    Women certainly had SOMETHING a century ago, didn't they? Dignity, grace, and beauty were displayed in a package that made men want to love them. One can almost weep for what has been lost to the world!

    So different from hateful modern women!

    Any of these "little lady lovelies" knew how to be a blessing to a man fortunate enough to keep her. Today's "empowered", "strong", "independent" woman…not so much! Can anybody spell

    Can today's modern woman learn to lose the feminism, and embrace her femininity? Can she restore what we were blessed with more than a century ago? Probably not, but I can hope, can't I?

    As far as men go, both then and now, don't you think that those men being charmed by these lovely ladies did everything that they could to approach them at their best? Ladies of all times and places preferred gentlemen to oafs. Today's disgusting modern women and feminists get what they deserve.

  3. Thank you…ahhhh! I love the song that's playing the video out.."At Rest," which is beautiful and appropriate for this content. Fabulous photos of once upon a yesterday..not so long ago…

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