6 Fashion Emergencies & Solutions

We’ve all had those pesky fashion emergencies. Today I bring to you some helpful tips and solutions. Join the unicorn family by subscribing to my channel! http://bit.ly/SubscribetoEvelina

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29 thoughts on “6 Fashion Emergencies & Solutions

  1. I enjoy all of your videos! 🙂 Btw, thank you so much for showing us how to do that bun!!! I was mind blown 🙂 Also, love the fact how your videos are not 20 minutes long but are short, informative, fun and not that time consuming – I really appreciate that 😉

  2. thank you for this 🙂 for my the gel bra doesn't work, I have tried it many times, but the thing is – because it is not natural, but synthetic, I tend to sweat in those cups and they instantly come off. I even had one very ambarrasing moment when this bra fell off and almoust fell through my dress on the ground, I literally catched it at the last moment 😀 since then I threw it out.

  3. honestly when i have an open back thing i just find a bra with a really cute back (i found one at f21 for like $5) n ur set bc then u get compliments on your bra and your open backed whatever

  4. Also for girls who are trying the hair trick, that really only works on damaged hair. I never got it to work until I started bleaching my hair blond like Evelina. Now it stays really well.

  5. So I know you had to mention the deodorant, but another trick for sweaty armpits is putting a small panty-liner inside the armpit of your long sleeve shirt. I know it sounds weird but we used to do it in our cheerleading leotards in the summer when it got really hot outside. Also realized in this video you got your boobs done. Would you do a video about your experience?

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