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45 thoughts on “7 STYLE HACKS TO GET MORE OUT OF YOUR CLOTHES / WARDROBE // Fashion Mumblr

  1. We tend to buy the same item time & time again because its what catches our eye. Also we completely forget whats in our wardrobe already. Plus because its new & readly available we think we like it when in a matter of weeks we no longer like it. I personally try to buy only sale items that i love & dont already have similar and is a complete outfit rather than worrying will it match anything. I want to keep things a long time

  2. Another lovely video filled with great, style relevant content. Your style pyramid concept was different than the capsule style pyramids I see often on pinterest , but different in a new way of thinking kind of way.

  3. Josie – you are truly one of a kind! Your videos are always educational, inspiring, and never a waste of time. I always leave your videos with ideas and motivation to create or live smarter because of your tips. This video specifically hits the main points as to why we invest in good pieces of cloths. But also, encourages us to work with what's in our closet. Bravo! To the Utube 👸 Queen!!🎇 Nice Job!!

  4. I really appreciate that you're shifting your message on your channel from fast fashion to slow fashion and leaning into educating us on the impacts of our consumption on the environment. My respect and support for you has grown tremendously because of this! As always, I love your videos and your quality content! Keep it up! 💖

  5. Great video! Josie, would you please please please film your coat collection and how you style different outfits with them? I am sure Im not the only one who is dying to see that!

  6. Well done Josie. Love seeing your new items. But buying for the sake of it is really bad for environment and your pocket!! We all have more stuff than we need. I’m guilty as anyone!! Xx

  7. Absolutely brilliant Josie, we need more of these videos so please keep them coming, people need to be made aware !!! Drowning In Plastic is something that everyone should watch, it is heartbreaking to think this is what our planet is coming to !! fast fashion has a lot to answer for, quality and knowing our fabrics are key……here's to saving our planet, thank you thank you thank you

  8. Loved this video, very good tips , i always fell like i have to buy new clothes every season becouse im never happy with my wordrobe, ive ended up with loads of clothing that i dont wear

  9. I’m one who has fallen into the trap of “keeping things for good” but decided today to wear 2 of my more expensive items to work today and my boss asked me if I was going for a job interview!

  10. Wow I think this is my favourite video that you’ve done! So well thought out, practical, down to earth advice that anyone can implement. Well done! Like another commenter I too started using the Stylebook app this year and I have found it truly life changing. It has helped my get control of my closet, shop smarter and help me get more use out of what I already own that I had otherwise forgotten. I love putting together mini capsule wardrobes by selecting a group of 5 colours. I also enjoy saving inspiration photos from the internet and then shopping my closet to get the same or similar look. Keep up the good work – I just love your videos and positive vibe!👏👍

  11. I’m so glad you’re doing this! I’m not the only one who thinks fashion gurus have gone a bit nuts with buying! I would love if you would transition to a capsule wardrobe one day! 30 items per season.

  12. Fantastic video Josie! Such a joy to watch, and very informative! I have cut back on whose vlogs I watch, but will never cut back on yours! Thank you so much for all the effort you put into this latest video, and all your videos!🇨🇦❤️

  13. awe this is a great video josie and thinking about the all the clothes that are getting made and thrown away and great your doing something about it can I ask you what are the best tweezers you can recommend thanks Lori x

  14. What a great video!! You have some really useful tips in there, thank you for sharing! If you want to encourage people on styling pieces in different ways, how about a mini capsule wardrobe video? At least I would really love tto see your essentials combined in multiple ways and styled differently!

  15. Loving the educational aspect of your videos and the tips etc you use to make a difference to the planet! So good to see an influencer like yourself promoting and spreading environmental awareness especially within your field of work. It really does show that little steps everyone can make will really make a difference to our world xxx Great work

  16. I actually prefer when you do styling videos (compared to hauls). How to style different pieces is such a helpful inspiration for how to refresh your wardrobe without buying new things 🙂

  17. I loved this video SO MUCH!! I cannot even start telling you!! It makes me SO HAPPY, to hear you talk about awareness, and share eco-friendly options… You look extra beautiful, like, you are glowing… Thank you so much for this video… I really appreciate the tips ❤

  18. Wow! I watched this video twice 🙂 I will definitely start putting the clothes I recently wear at the left side of my wardrobe! I am curious how creative I will get with the other side! Thanks for the great tips Josie!

  19. Excellent work, looking forward to see more videos on you applying these tips by going through your wardrobe or creating capsules with interchangeable pieces or testing pieces composed of different fabrics, etc. Thank you.

  20. Dont buy things for the past or future. Buy them for now. "If you havent worn an item 3 days after buy, you should return it." I have red and most of the time it is true.

    Plus: you never know how your figure will change.

  21. definitely one of your best videos in my opinion! any blogger can do a haul (not that they don't take effort) but videos like these really show that you're putting in extra thought. so cool to see you're thinking more about sustainability as well! 🙂

  22. LOVE THIS!! So great to hear you talk about how fast fashion is terrible for the environment, and encouraging Investment pieces !! Loved your stats, suggestions for washing, mixing things up, and keeping your new stuff nice. I hope other fashion bloggers follow your lead. Well done Josie!!

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