A total fashion lover’s guide to Mexico City.
The best shopping from flea markets to luxury and local mexican designers.

Here is my Google Maps with all the stores I visted + more recommendations from my local (and chic) friends.


Instagrammable guide to Mexico City: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZzS-LqnuU0

Carla Fernandez https://www.instagram.com/carlafernandezmx
Apt 25 https://www.instagram.com/apt25mx/
Cañamiel https://www.instagram.com/canamiel
Naked Boutiquehttps://www.instagram.com/nakedboutique_com
Void https://www.instagram.com/void_mx/

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  1. Amy this is a vlog that I never knew that I needed❗️I have so much respect for Mexico, since my first visit.
    I can't wait to shop @ the stores that u visited ❤️️

  2. You need more then a few days to go shopping in Mexico City, there are so many stores you didn't go to, even Sears in Mexico City is way better then the Sears in the US also Mexico carries more Spanish designers that you can't find in the US

  3. Bargaining is a huge part of the culture and is probably expected at flea markets/outside vendors, but please keep in mind (especially if you come from a place of privilege/stability in terms of income and wealth) that the majority of the vendors who don't have a brick and mortar establishment, whether it be a little place inside a shop or mercado, are most likely selling to maintain their basic needs. To most of these sellers (you can tell the difference) profit is secondary.

  4. i was just browsing for CDMX videos since i'm going in september and this was so helpful, and the link to your google maps is such an awesome idea! thank you! 💖

  5. Just for you to know, in mexico we try not to do that anymore, “regatear” because they are hard workingg people who eat, pay bills, pay education with what they sell, so if everyone who buy their stuff always “regatea” they will have less money, you dont go to a high end store and regatear to those rich stores, why would you with people who sell stuff to eat?

  6. Is not good say people that “regatear” is fine, people work hard, what do you think if someone pay less for your job?
    Of course you could pay more for that and they really need it. Don’t be an asshole.

  7. Do you bargain with the prices in those boutiques? I don't think you should bargain when it comes to flea markets because those people are already struggling, so why do it? Instead be supportive just as equal to the those higher end brands.

  8. As a Mexican living in Mexico City you have no idea how much I appreciate this video! I love fashion, but must of the time I only do online shopping since I didn't really know any good spots in my city…but now I do! Thanks!

  9. Thanks for a great shopping experience in Mexico, I love how you showed us everything from local designers, high end stores, high street stores and vintage too. I was really surprised by what Mexico City has to offer. You got some lovely pieces. See you in your next video. Hugs and kisses Jessica.

  10. How was the pricing of the stores? I know the money conversion helps a lot but in the U.S. I'm a basic H&M, Forever 21, Gap girl. Not pricy stores haha. I don't wanna show up at a Mexican boutique and not afford anything.

  11. Amy I am from Mexico City and I loved these blogs and seeing it through your eyes! Also never heard of some of the stores you mentioned. I am really glad you liked it here, please come back soon, I would love to be your local guide!

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