ANOTHER FALL CLOTHING HAUL | Try On | Fashion Nova + Zara

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I hope you guys enjoy this video xoxo

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Switching Gears Sweater – Black – S/M
Talk that Talk Off Shoulder Top – Nude – XS
Comfy Cozy Set – Hunter Green – XS
Karina High Rise Skirt – Black – XS
Eve Cropped Sweater – Brick – S/M
Not Sure About You Jacket – Black – XS
Like This Like That Top – Navy/Green – XS

Snake Print Skort

Camo Pants


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20 thoughts on “ANOTHER FALL CLOTHING HAUL | Try On | Fashion Nova + Zara

  1. It's a good day when you watch a Chelsea Trevor haul and crack up the whole time!! You're hilarious!! and also I randomly go into a English accent all of a sudden glad to know I'm not alone in this.

  2. You’re such a beauty you look fabulous in everything. I think next time you do your massive grocery shopping you should possibly film in store so everyone can see your grocery shopping strategy. Just a fun idea to show how you load up your grocery cart with so many goodies. You’re absolutely amazing and you rock

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