ASOPH PLUS SIZE Try On!! #TallgirlFriendly | Plus Size Fashion


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Crop Top [sold out:( ]
White Dress:
Striped Dress:
Pink/White Dress:
Leopard Print Dress:

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26 thoughts on “ASOPH PLUS SIZE Try On!! #TallgirlFriendly | Plus Size Fashion

  1. I liked the white and the belt you chose but it didn't look like you would be able to sit down comfortably in it. Loved loved the leopard print on you. I hit that link so quick….but the way my bank account work…lol.

  2. Beautiful dresses from Asoph but the orange striped dress from your last Asoph haul was a total showstopper and sold out in seconds. I hope they bring it back in stock because I missed the boat. I've never heard of this brand before you enlightened me..a fellow tall girl!!!

  3. I went to their website. I dont know what it is but all the styles look tacky and cheap. I think its how they take the pictures. also theres a lot of material on them thangs for summer, it would be like walking arouund in sheets. I see Asoph out here trying to get influencers to haul their stuff, but their designs and finish just looks cheap and poorly done.

  4. Loving that leopard print dress! Looks great on you too. I'm a wanna-be seamstress and will try to make this. If the end results are not good, I'll buy this one. Flowy, feminine and gorgeous!

  5. No! No on 1st dress. Really bad fit! Girl, don’t be ashamed to go UP a size.
    NO on second dress…too much material.
    YES on third dress. So damned cute on you. Nice fit. Perfect for a beach wedding guest dress.
    Dress number four is okay.

  6. Hi hun love ur Vibes and your videos I do have the same shape as u I don't really know what u call our shape but I just want u to know u made me buy my first dress have not wear as yet hmm but I will stay bless and slaying

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