Balmain | Fall Winter 2018/2019 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

Balmain | Fall Winter 2018/2019 by Olivier Rousteing | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video/1080p – PFW/Paris Fashion Week)

42 thoughts on “Balmain | Fall Winter 2018/2019 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

  1. I like the collection as a whole, but feel the plastic look is a bit dated. There are some brave outfits and some excellent work from some models. What pisses me off is the lack of appreciation from the audience. So few people clapping, they’d clearly never thank the bus driver either.

  2. Aside from the music, this collection blows. It's like someone chewed up and spat out Instagram 2016. It's everything I hated from the last five years wrapped in unicorn skin and unflattering silhouettes. Some of the jackets are passable, but otherwise this is a write off. Also, what was with the model choices? Basic much? It's like Balmain was sick of being unique and interesting.

  3. Wow. I am shocked at the comments. This is the most, well done, well cut, well designed, cuts, fashion, that I have seen in a long, long time. What people are saying is not right at all. This is a Master Piece, of Work, and Art. I wil watch it twice, and post it on face book.

  4. that real and only we call models.. ..not other looser model of istagram or similar with big ass or face full of botulin.
    These are real model.. beautiful with refined facial features , little noise, sexy jaws, eyes, perfect cheekbone.,classy refined beauty = models and i beautiful songs and atmosphere !! Masterpiece runway show!!

  5. J'adore tout Olivier. Difficile de choisir entre toutes ces merveilles. C'est osé, inspiré, avec des matières nouvelles, pas facile à travailler et les silhouettes sont féminines. J'ADORE !!!! Un grand grand bravo au génie que vous êtes. C'est vraiment sincère d'autant que je ne suis point sensible à votre personnage public. Encore Bravo

  6. The black Holo was dynamic and really interesting (only saving aspect of this show), but unfortunately most holo and iridescent looks inexpensive at best. It’s fun for sure, but it doesn’t lend itself to high fashion.

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