Becoming More Confident Through Fashion & Style (My Story) | Men’s Fashion

Here is the story of how I became more confident because of fashion and personal style. My Instagram (@marcelfloruss) was created in 2013 but my journey to becoming more comfortable with my style and myself started much earlier.

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22 thoughts on “Becoming More Confident Through Fashion & Style (My Story) | Men’s Fashion

  1. Dude, can u make a video on how to pair leather shoes, like this one from woodland (OGC 0842110). I have many pairs of these sort of shoes, but I can't make them pair with a costume.

  2. hey Marcelo! I really appreciate what you do! i started my fashion interest journey relatively late (a year ago) but better late than never! thank you for the insrpiration! Keep doing what you do !!! Greetings from Greece 🙂

  3. He's one of the best style YouTubers to date, yeah I said it. He's better than the big 3 three for me in terms of actual style. Sure some of his pieces don't work for me, but it doesn't hide the fact that his videos are top notch in quality content wise. Huge respect for not overly being a sellout

  4. It’s nice to have someone who isn’t like fully streetwear or dapper wear, it’s like you just have the street wear so strong but then immediately have the fit for looking dapper without having to be like fully committed to it. And your videos are constantly creative not just repeating videos tips Cough cough every other popular style YouTuber

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