1. My sister had a large order and some of the pieces sold out and she didn’t find out until she received the package.. to make a long story short she didn’t get her 80 dollars back only a story credit 🙄🙄🙄

  2. Imo you are not lacking in the chest department at all. I think you are the perfect size for low cut tops such as that black catsuit. My mom is built the same & I always wish it was passed down to me but it wasnt. Look into double sided tape, it works great. The purple set was 🔥

  3. I had an issue where I ordered a shirt … THEY sent the wrong size…. and when I tried to return they said I was a day late and could not return because they have a 2 day return policy ! I even sent the pic of the shirt size and my order size.

  4. I’m Iffy about ordering online unless they have a store I can return items too. I’ve never ordered from Fashion nova but I want to get something things from savage fenty.

  5. You have to click on the checkout button then at the top it says summary with a lil down arrow you enter the codes there and it should work…my experience with them on why I wont continue to order with them is because I ordered sandals and they never came so I had to reorder them but they were on sale so instead of getting my full amount I orginally paid I only got the sale amount smh but to each is own a lesson learned!!!

  6. Yessss! Micah.. I agree that happened to me b4, where I put in the discount code and it didn't register.. Called them they don't do returns/ exchanges or change of order after paying.. You would have to wait for the items to come to return.. I feel you gurl.. I havnt purchased anything for couple months .. It would have bin nice if they could be tagged in the video..

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