Black Fashion Models at The Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows 2001-2003

Black Fashion Models at The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows 2001-2003:

*Tyra Banks
*Naomi Campbell
*Liya Kebede
*Oluchi Onweagba
*Alek Wek
*Omahyra Mota

49 thoughts on “Black Fashion Models at The Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows 2001-2003

  1. They are really beautiful but many are mulattos or mixed, but i want to see more real black models like Alek Wek real black beauty.  the black woman is beautiful. please make a video like that, i like you're chanel 🙂

  2. Slayomi >>>>

    Not sure why Omahyra was included, isn't she Dominican? That wouldn't make her any more black than say, Adriana, who is Brazilian but claims her black(+white and native american) roots as far as I know.

  3. loolz. Black doesnt necessarily mean stricktly black,we come in all shades of colour,all hair textures,all kinds of facial features.Its a pool of colorful variations you can't really pin point a general look.I come from a big family & we come in all colours and it also changes tones depending on the time of the month & i'm originally east african so we all have narrow features.I dont think you see more of us but Iman is one paragon i can give.

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