Buying FASHION TRENDS 2019 | Spring Luxury Haul ft. Louis Vuitton // Maria Teresa Lopez

The first video of Maria Teresa’s Spring Edit! A Luxury bag & shoe unboxing, my Spring 2019 investment pieces! ❤ Watch till the end to see what really happens after I finish filming a video 🙈

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SUISTUDIO White Dress shirt:

LOUIS VUITTON BAG Pochette Metis Bicolor :
GIANVITO ROSSI suede pumps Taupe:


13 Outfit Ideas: WINTER 2019:

TRENDS 2019: Starting Capsule Wardrobe | Try On Haul


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42 thoughts on “Buying FASHION TRENDS 2019 | Spring Luxury Haul ft. Louis Vuitton // Maria Teresa Lopez

  1. Could you do a video dedicated to high quality shoes and building a better shoe collection? I would love to get more education about them since I am looking to invest in better shoes. <3 Love your videos!!

  2. Ciao 😄la Metis l ho presa circa sei mesi fa ,,,e sono di averla presa perché si può abbinare sia con abbigliamento sia sportivo che elegante,,,💓io abito in Veneto in un paese ad un ora dalla meravigliosa Venezia ,,,e tu dove abiti?

  3. GREAT VIDEO!!! I love Louis Vuitton!!! Great performance!!! You are funny, I love the ending of you video, because you are real. LOL
    I just subscribed to your Channel permanent. I do a lot of Unboxing videos. Please be so kind and subscribe to my Channel permanent, sub to sub support. Thank you for your support and good luck to you with your Channel. ❤️🤗🌹😘Like #553

  4. Great video hun😙😙 I was wondering if you could tell me the necklaces you are wearing they are beautiful. As well as the Louis I love the bando you put on the handle.

  5. I found you a month ago here on youtube and I all i have to say is that i love love your style. Please post more pics on instagram ;). One question are you Brazilian or Hispanic? just wondering. Love you ♥

  6. Hi Maria, love love love your content. I have been following you for a while and really like your style. I just wanted to ask you do you wear your heels to and from work as well as at work. I have a lot of walking to do to get to work, so do you suggest I travel in comfortable shoes and then change. What do you do?? It would really help if you were able to answer this for me. Many thanks xx

  7. I am obsessed with your fashion style….so chic! I need to stop watching your luxury haul because how you style things looks beautiful and I want to run out and get things that I don't need haha! Thank you for your video. I love your look and style…beautiful classic beauty.

  8. Maria Teresa congrats on your videos – I enjoy them all. FYI, can't wait to save some money and go to Suistudio. I also bought in Paris the LV flats back in November and can't wait to wear them. I would like to see more styling videos, please

  9. I'm a huge fan of Gianvito Rossi and have many pairs. Guess his designs simply fit my feet well. Same with Aquazzura.
    What you are paying for, apart from what you just described – best leathers out there, you also pay for the design itself. Most of these designers (not Louboutin🤣) goes to great lengths to make their shoes as comfortable as possible. We pay for that, as e.g Aldo and many, many others steel the designs and mass produce them in lower quality materials. You can see it right away in the fit as these copycats never manage or bother to copy the arch of the shoe and match that with the heel. They will therefore not be as comfortable nor will they look as good on your feet.

  10. Hi maria really hoping you see this message ASAP, just found you and immediately subscribed you are just ‘up my street! 😂 ok so I need to order the slides ASAP LV online have literally my size remaining uk 39, are they true to size, 39.5 and 40 are out of stock!! Also the bag is on my wish list for spring (can’t believe our taste so similar) I’m praying it doesn’t sell out as can’t but it just yet!!! Birthday is in March, so here’s hoping 🙏🏼 would really appreciate your reply, thank you x

  11. Love your video…new subscriber. Thank you to include what you wearing on the video. In the hunt for white crisp white shirt with trend cuffs. Can’t wait to place my order. I’m petite 4”11. What size are u wearing for my reference.

  12. HI MARIA TERESA! 👋🏻 I’m Sabina! I’m going to create my own capsule wardrobe too!! First I have to get rid of tons of classy old fashioned clothes and than I want to buy some updated key pieces and high heels nude pumps are in my list! My dream would be a pair of either Gianvito Rossi or Louboutin ones 🤩

  13. Hi Maria! Excellent video! I ❤️❤️❤️ Your LV flat sandals! Also I totally agree that investing in a designer pair of nude pumps is a wise investment not only because they make you look taller and slimmer but because of their leather quality and craftsmanship they allow your feet to breathe and will last a lifetime!

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