48 thoughts on “Calvin Klein | Spring Summer 2019 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

  1. You need to wear this and you have to keep a straight face, we do these things automatically in the Hamptons… don’t mind us. Is it the fallout clearance sale or the pre tsunami sale?

  2. A lot of fun stuff inspiring a couple pretty smart looking outfits… is this the after the fall out sale? Or? You need to wear this and you have to keep a straight face, we do these things automatically in the Hamptons… don’t mind us…

  3. Is this selling and is the brand profiting? In today’s world, that’s all that counts. At vastly higher price points, I’m not so sure. If Raf can’t bring in a younger customer, he’ll have problems sooner than later. With this collection, Calvin Klein has given the middle finger to their traditional demographic and it’s likely they still have far bigger bank accounts than Calvin’s new target. Jil Sander and other minimalist brands could get a big boost from the female CEO too busy to fuss with silly trends.

  4. I've actually really come to like this collection. At first I despised it, I felt it was lazy and the themes were not explored enough. However I've revisited these looks time and time again and actually I'm starting to really appreciate some of the subtleties. I think the strongest concept in the collection is the wetsuits. Which I know is saying a lot given how much more was going on, but I think some of those wet suit bottoms and floral printed wetsuit pieces could look good on multiple body types with some of the tailoring being so streamlined and athletic, and it's an interesting take on the current sportswear trend.
    I'm not a fan of the dresses, or the preppy graduate pieces (the hats and gowns) as I feel those would be very hard to wear but I like the fit on the blazers this time around they're oversized but not so much that it looks cartoonish. And I like the strange frayed fringe pieces tussled over the clothes.
    The animal prints are an odd addition to this collection but overall I think it's better than I first thought. It's expected we would get less tailoring and layers and interesting shapes for a spring collection.

  5. Kann man den Frauen nicht mal zeigen wie sie laufen!!! Ganz krass zu sehen bei dem Model 6:02. Ganz furchtbar. Ich schaue mehr auf die Füße und Beine statt auf die Kollektion. Diese gefällt mir zumeist gar nicht. Und ob die Sonnenplisseeröcke mit Einschnitt sich verkaufen glaube ich auch nicht. Schade um den Stoff.

  6. Those dresses are awful in every way…and the scuba pants and graduation hats?
    What a parody. He's reminiscing such a cliche of Americana in most collections. Look around New York. It's 2018

  7. Ever since Raf Simons was appointed creative director over everything at Calvin Klein, I knew the brand would graduate and become what it should have been. Last nights Calvin Klein collection was the anthesis to those words stated above, his obsession with American horror films took a new turn, Jaws the American classic horror movie was the main reference. From the digital walls ( which totally took me back to his runway set for the 2013 Dior Haute Couture fall winter Show) that displayed an elongated view of the ocean surface with beach goers in the water, to the blood red lights that filled the seating areas; its a contemporary masterpiece. Then the collection came marching in with models displaying their juxtaposed wet and non-wet looks with hair that was still wet as if they just came out of the water; that wet the top of their necklines and neoprene wetsuits that were sometimes lined with leopard shark prints (truly disguising their wild side) styled with oversized blazers chunky sweaters as towards the end fringe that wrapped around them almost as if the sharks shredded their floaters. I truly loved the 50’s cocktail couture dresses that were shown in many variations (also shown in shark skin prints) washed up and left out to dry on the beach; some looked like full dresses from the side but had chains holding them together on the side-seams. In all to Raf gave us an unbelievable experience truly one of the best collections this season in the soup that is NYFW. Definitely one to remember.

  8. Well this collection solves the problem,on what to wear to work. Should i wear a shark ravaged mini skirt, or a nice wrinkled housedress, well its dress down Friday…
    Whats really going on at Calvin Klein??????

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