Cardi B x Fashion Nova Collection Round 2 / Gate Mi Cualto!

#MuseFamilia WE BACKKK!!!! Can y’all tell how hype I am about doing this video again!!! Cardi primaaaa you took my coins once again! Tell which look was your favorite!


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33 thoughts on “Cardi B x Fashion Nova Collection Round 2 / Gate Mi Cualto!

  1. Overall you looked fantastic I give everything a 8/10!!!! It was different you looked like a model different is good bc you never have to worry about no one doing it like you ppl can copy but it ain't the same you can tell. Your body is perfect you dot need nothing done to your body there is nothing you need to feel insecure about!!!!!!!

  2. I love how you represent for afro-latinas and Dominican York as well it's been a long time that I don't watch your video and it's beautiful to see how much you have evolve and everything looks popping especially the leopard print dress and the white one you look awesome osea tu TA, ta durisima xoxox

  3. fourth outfit: mad cute
    fifth outfit: if it was longer it would look way better soo mcuh better not that it doesnt already look good. you cant turn a potentially classy dress into a short dress (i put balme on fashionova)

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