CHIC & STYLISH CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE FOR HER – my first Xmas Gift Guide for 2018!
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What I Wore –

Ted Baker coat –
Earrings –
Pearl Ring –

Slip eye mask –
Keep cup –
Neals Yard book –
Notebook –
Chantecaille powder -
Flowerbomb –
Liz Earle gift sets-
Pandora pearl hoops –
Pandora pearl ring –
TDE handbag –
Sweaty Betty bag –
Liberty pyjamas –
Stackers jewellery box –
Mulberry make up bag –
Mulberry Hampstead bag –


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45 thoughts on “CHIC & STYLISH CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE FOR HER // Fashion Mumblr

  1. Josie I’ve already commented but I felt I had to just add these other comments.I personally think this was done so lovely.From the outset you straight away put me in such a happy frame of mind. There were different price ranges to suit lots of people. I loved the idea of the neals yard book & I now have some ideas thanks to you.You are such a ray of sunshine on here & my favourite youtuber.Everything you to is so polished & so well thought out.
    Loved your beautiful jacket You were wearing at the beginning, it’s what I’d call a Josie coat because it was just you & such a perfect coat for over the Christmas ,new year period. Thank you Josie for always giving 100% in every single thing you do on here, I appreciate all the work & effort you put in & the time you spend producing & editing such impeccable content for us to watch.Bless you susan & family 🤗

  2. Absolutely beautiful ideas Josie darling 🤗….. Im just going to pop over to check out your blog so thank you for that.I would love to know what colour your nails are , if you don’t mind me asking.Much love susan

  3. Love the videos, as usual, and your suggestions are divine!. The space is "nice" except for the echo. I would prefer to lose the space in order to lose the echo. And, honestly, I prefer the space in your house. Much more inviting and cozy…. And actually prettier.

  4. Just love how much dedication you put into everything you create. It's such a joy to watch someone who so clearly loves what she does! I personally quite like the new set-up, didn't notice too much echo. Although as others have said it would be amazing if you were more centered in the frame . Looking forward to more festive content!! xxx

  5. Just an input, the echo and the top of your head being cut off is distracting. I usually love your videos, but I cannoy stand watching this one. And I do really want to see your gift choices! 😶

  6. Josie, please get back to where you used to film. That place looks so cold and echos so much. 💞 Just bought the slip eye mask thanks to you. 🤗 Will take this moment to tell you how much i love your vlogs at home. Looking forward vlogmas if your doing them ❤️

  7. Hi Josie! I have not heard this one only watched it really quickly..forward it most of the time. From the watch I noticed that 1) the frame is not good – your level of eyes should not be that high 2) it was like watching advertisement on tv – only on a better package, so I am not sure I will continue watching – I will just go through quickly the video description to check your suggestions 3) most of the bits are so expensive.

  8. I adore your videos but I‘d love it if you could include more (actually) affordable options. I feel like your definition of „affordable“ differs a lot from mine/many readers‘…

  9. Hi Josie! Love every item you showed💖However I don't like the new location. I love cosy sit down videos, I miss your living room. I think I prefere the advices of someone I can relate to, like I'm talking to a friend. I understand you want to be super professional, you are amazing at your job but with me simplicity works best. But of course I will continue to watch every single video of yours 😘😘😘

  10. Another brilliant video.

    My feedback on the location……personally I love it in your home, has a more homely, cozy feel. This particular location felt a little cold and stark.

    That said, all your videos are great, amazing work. Thank you.

  11. Honestly i think that most of these gifts are pricey and i would suggest to mention the prices in the video and not just put a link. Coz then you go on the link and realise that the gift is over a hundred pounds! Also agree with most of the comments here that focus on the filming, as i hate the echo and that i can see half your head, in fact stopped half way through.

  12. Okay let's see what you have listed. Clothing is a bit too personal, is it not? "Bo lair o", is how the word is pronounced and it's Spanish so roll the r. Check out the china refillable cups. Books are ALWAYS great gifts. I'd also shy away from giving beauty gifts due to allergies, same with fragrances. Earrings are fine but the big pieces should come from husbands. Bags too? Okay. Pajamas? No. Box is ok. Mulberry bag!! A bit pricey. Not a bad list all in all. I'll check out your other lists. This Christmas, I'm giving my husband a new truck – a 2018 F-150 Platinum. I know I'm getting D&B bag in orange and linen king-size bedsheet set. My mother, who jaunters about quite a bit on various weekends, I'm giving her a matching leather crossbody bag, card case and duffel bag all in cognac leather along with a planner/notebook/address book to help her keep track. The children will be with us this year so we're pulling out all the stops this time !!

  13. I just bought the Neale's Yard book for a Christmas present for my sister in law. Thanks so much for highlighting it, she'll love it X 😍 I really love this style of video, very practical and lots of options for many budgets. I really appreciate all the effort you make for your viewers 💗

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