Can you believe what Fashion Nova tried to play me with? Make sure it doesn’t happen to you!


Better Business Bureau Fashion Nova Reviews –


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37 thoughts on “Chisme De La Hora: FASHION NOVA TRIED IT [W/ RECEIPTS]

  1. I ordered a 80 dollar purchase from them and they state that they deliver / ship with ups / fed ex both witch have access to a persons mailbox if they live in an apartment making it safe to order from them so for that reason I placed an order it was my birthday order well they decide to deliver with some company called on trac instead of the two listed on their website that they deliver with so my package was delivered a time when I wasn't home and left right in from of my door step when I live in an open apartment complex like wtf would they just leave it there so when I got home guess what? package wasn't there and they couldn't do shit about it only reason I ordered from them was because they stated they deliver with fed ex and ups and those two have access to mailboxes I had ordered with them before and they had delivered it into my mailbox so when I ordered again I figured I was safe but no they delivered my package left it there and now some other thief is wearing my birthday gift still so upset about this

  2. I will NEVER order from Fashion Nova because I have seen several of these videos about this company. They already know they are out of the product when you order. They charge your card first to insure they get the money then issue a credit saying that the item was out that is so they can keep your money. If everyone would stop buying from them, report them to the Better Business Bureau and have their banks reverse the charges it would make an impact.

  3. i saw a photo of a nova babe on the fashion nova curve ig in a dress and it was obviously too short, and i made a comment that if she were to stand up straight, her vag would literally be out & the dress isnt practical and they deleted my comment real quick

  4. I had to order almost $200 a guy named David signed for it March 16th 2018 it was shipped back by UPS I spent 16.79 to ship it back and I never received my refund or credit or anything I've left them numerous emails and voicemails no 1 has gotten back to me yet, I don't know what to do, now seeing your video makes me so upset UPS printed me out a paper saying it was signed for by a guy named David on March 16th but they won't get back to me I have no way to get my money back and it was all brand new items, said fit size 15 to 17 extra large none of them fit me I returned the whole package, the tags were still on it and none of it was sale items and now I don't know what to do I have no way to contact anybody from there to get my money back watching your video makes me so mad because I could be using that money on my kids on bills, it's now almost June and I still have nothing from them not even a email back, I'm regularly a size 14 so I'm like okay 15 to 17 it will fit no problem if even if it runs small but no nothing fit at all and now I'm out $200 😡

  5. They are still at it with the shenanigans! Shipped me a $9 tube top instead of the $37 2pc. set I ordered with store credit because they sent the wrong size shoes and I had to pay to ship them shits back! PayPal is handling my dispute for a refund. I'm waiting to hear back….I want to file a class action lawsuit against them soooooo bad. What they're doing is ethically disgusting.

  6. Same thig happened to me, it took forever for them to reply and finally they issued store credit. The item they didn't sent is still available on their website but now I feel like I can't trust them to reorder it. Perhaps we should comment on all the celebrities that endorse fashion nova and let them know they are being part of the scam. I only decided to shop from them because Cardi B said it was great but you are right all this celebrities get free clothes with our money.

  7. I wish I’d seen this before I’d ordered from them. I never bought that with as much promoting they do of their brand that I’d have to worry about this type of thing. I never received the noella mesh dress or the underneath it all undergarments that I’d ordered. I filed a claim with usps and everything. USPS told me that it shows delivered but I never received my orders. I had actually placed three orders, I only received one of my packages. I’m so pissed right now. Soooo I just paid a little more than $20 for a dress and $19 for the undergarments that I’m never going to get. I emailed them and have yet to get a response and I called and could never get a person. It just rings and rings. I don’t even know what to do or think at this point I’m so mad I’m ranting right now!! I think I’ll contact the BBB about this because this issue is much larger than my experience and it needs to be addressed

  8. I ordered jeans on the 10th of April this month. Paid 6$ for two day shipping. I know you gotta wait sum business days too.. BUT it’s been 6 days with NO tracking number NO emails NO reply’s nothing. All I have gotten about it was the automatic message. I’ve emailed them plenty of times. Do I leave those messages be because it says the emails are in order they are received? Or do I reply to that too?

  9. The same exact thing happened to me at Boohoo for $93. I returned their item and they did not give me back my refund. I had to threaten to blog and ask America to boycott before they agree to issue a refund

  10. So glad I came across your video! I wanted to try Fashion Nova because of all the hype, but now I'm not even gonna go there. I'd rather not deal with any hassle or bullshit. Love your honestly. This video was very helpful!

  11. Omg this shit is still happening, worst thing of all is that I had to dm them on instagram .. never did on any kind of social media platform.. I even left a comment on one of their photos that they posted , and guess what !!! They deleted it!!!! But they did dm me back but … all they said was please email customer service.. i did that already and haven’t had a response from an email in 3 days ..

  12. I too have been a victim of fashion nova. I returned my overalls because it was too big. I emailed them constantly for an exchange and there was no response. Mind you I only paid $30. For two weeks I finally got an email and they only credit me $12 ! Then I emailed them again and once again no response. I then tried calling them I waited for an hour. Then I tried next couple days nothing. So now I have to take my issue to the Better Business Bureau. This is a constant back and fourth for two weeks and now it’s going on the third week. It feels like I’m just being scammed. they have all these celebrities, artists , and famous Instagramer’s hyping this clothing brand and yet this company is ripping people off!

  13. SCAM 🚨! I placed an order a month ago for $483.54
    I reach out to them, they told me I was getting a refund back because they could not verify my billing information, then weeks later they say it’s been delivered, and gives me a fake tracking number. Threatened them to file a complaint with BBB, they finally said they was going to refund me, but still nothing. DO NOT SHOP THERE!!!

  14. Subscribing right here, right now because that final email it’s the best you send to get your money back. Yes it is your money and you need even a penny back because pennies are worthy too !!! Ilu

  15. Fuck Larry lol, but seriously, i was going to order from them soon but after watching multiple YT reviews I'm not. I don't have time for their shady service. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  16. I found a cool site something like fashion nova but has a money back guarantee which is great because we all know fashion nova loves to send you a gift card instead of refunding your money anyway here is the site they look pretty new but i think they have a bright future ahead of them they seem very customer service oriented which i love


  18. I HATE their customer service !
    I have placed 4 orders so far and the first two were 50% horrible because their sizing is just sooooo off! I contacted them a couple times about items that didn’t fit but I gave up…. With my last two orders I always ALWAYS look at the material information and know where to size up and all items fit me perfectly. I feel like I had too much luck with them lately and I don’t wanna push it and won’t purchase there anymore 😂

  19. Thank you for that. I have seen other videos where the girls rave about fashion nova. Sounded too good to be true. I just happened to stumble across your video and Im glad I did. I was thinking about buying stuff but not anymore.

  20. I ordered from them a week ago and was charged for the items.. received an email saying the status is paid but no other updates. I really hope this doesn’t happen to me. I saw big influencers promoting this and had no idea they scam their paying customers. First thing I’m going to do is threaten w the bbb if they f w me. Lol

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