Coachella Fashion Review! BEST & WORST of weekend 2

Coachella weekend 1 review

This video is NO hate or shade to ANYONE!! This is all about how I feel about the FASHION choices!! This is not based on anything else but outfits! I actaully LOVE all the people I talk about in this video. I review Tana Mongeau, Alisha Marie, Billie Eilish, Kylie Jenner, James Charles, Andrea Russett, and so many more!
I love talking about #COACHELLA #FASHION so please feel free to comment your personal opinions 🙂

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Thanks so much for watching, for all your sweet and comments, ily the most.

38 thoughts on “Coachella Fashion Review! BEST & WORST of weekend 2

  1. someone said that weekend 1 of coachella is like fashion week & weekend 2 is like an acually music festival like Lollapalooza or bonnaroo which is why all the fits are more tame. theyre still stylish, just not as thought out as weekend 1

  2. I don't like leopard print or any kind of animal print on any clothes but you make me love it, like.. you have that power 😆 I love what you're wearing. I looooove when you do this videos because I actually learn so much haha. YOU'RE DA BEST YOU KNOW IT ♡

  3. Could you review or check out Blackpink's week 1 and 2 performance outfits? 🙂 James Charles's top looks exactly like the outfit of one of the members of Blackpink in their Kill This Love music video.

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