Come Sales Shopping With Me | Fashion Influx

Come Sales Shopping With Me | Fashion Influx 🙂
Hey loves, hope you’re all good! I popped to the sales this week so thought I’d take you along – I didn’t pick up much, but wasn’t that impressed by the sales this year! xo

Jumper Dress – Pretty Little Thing
Flares – Boohoo
Bag – Pretty Little Thing
Boots – And Other Stories

Nightshirt – Victoria’s Secret (same style here
Shorts – Victoria’s Secret (
Skirt – H&M (
English Pear & Freesia Candle – Jo Malone (

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♫Music by Dj Quads♫
● @aka-dj-quads

22 thoughts on “Come Sales Shopping With Me | Fashion Influx

  1. I acc adore your videos, you’re so real and sensible with money unlike other yourubers I watch that use videos as a excuse to show off their money and buy ridiculous things and casually act like everyone can afford it

  2. Great video – please do more of these. And I love your gorgeous cat, totally owning the last shot!! I have 2 lovely chunky Blue British Shorthairs – they are such teddybears aren't they !

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