Come shopping with me | Try On Designer & high Street fashion 2019

Come shopping with me as we try on designer and high street fashion 2019.

** All items linked below**

I hope you liked our little shopping trip and thanks so much for watching xx


Jess’s necklace:
Jess’s Ring:

Camel coat – we love -
Black Tee Alternative-
Cream Blouse – Try This –

Studded Heels –
Bra –
Black Bra –
Suspenders –
Chloe Sunglasses – Similar Style –
Trench Coat -Now in the SALE!
Yellow Dress – ON SALE-
Grey Sweatshirt- On SALE-

Nars Concealer -
Nars Bronzer –

White Company
Mirror –
Side Table –
Black Coatigan –
White Hoodie –
Grey Joggers –
Pink Cardigan – sold out but try but love this sweater in soft pink:
Blush Blouse – (washed satin)
Black Ribbon Trousers –

River Island
Yellow Dress –
Black Biker Jacket –
Cream Coat – Still on SALE- size 8 + 10 are available at time of writing:

Jess Makeup
New Foundation:
Bronzer, Laguna:
Blusher, Freerose:
Concealer, Ginger:
Eyeshadow, daywear I wear a mixture of the brown tones: httpp://
Brown eyeliner:
Day Lipstick, Matte Velvet Teddy:

Jess’s haircare products
Currently using this twice a week:
Smooth curls:
Amazing hair mask:
Heat protector:
First I straighten my hair:
Then I curl it:
For when i can’t get to the salon:

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31 thoughts on “Come shopping with me | Try On Designer & high Street fashion 2019

  1. Yay, a new video to enjoy with my coffee! The River Island items are winners–the yellow dress and cream coat are gorgeous! The side slit on the dress is a little high for me but absolutely stunning on you.

  2. Hi Jess. Really great mooch around the shops. I think my faves were the pale pink cardi as I can never find one I like and the coat in River Island looked lovely on you ( and a bargain ) . I also liked the round mirror but I was distracted by the hats on display ( I love hats ) so nice to have a look around with you both. Thanks again. Pauline xx

  3. I loved the cropped sleeve black coat, I think you'd get so much use out of it. Also the yellow dress. I love yellow too and the neckline made it more interesting.

  4. Ive said it before,,&iam saying it again…love you two ladies..soo laid back to watch&love how you both dress,, , inspirational.soo thanks.
    Much much better&nicer than two ladies that use to do similar year's ago one still does who is sooo annoying, , begins with…T&♡

  5. Another fab video ladies! Was browsing the white company website and considering some purchases… nice to see them come to life in your video… I love the white hooded top and cardi!! Just hope I look just as good as you Jess xx

  6. Hi Jess love the video of you both shopping,could I ask where did you get the cream blouse you are wearing at the beginning of the video. Thanks,i thanks I think you are both great.😀

  7. Absolutely love this video! You are both so wonderful!!! I love the shoes at the start, the biker jacket and the lingerie (very pretty). I hope that you got my email response recently? It was so good to hear from you. Have a fantastic day ladies – I so enjoy watching and sharing my interest with you. You’re totally ace, always remember that!!!

  8. Great video I’ve been looking for a relaxed cardigan- saw a nice one in other stories but actually prefer the white company one you tried on so I will check that out – thank you 😊

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