Danielle Bregoli roasts Met Gala 2017 red carpet fashion

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41 thoughts on “Danielle Bregoli roasts Met Gala 2017 red carpet fashion

  1. I can’t believe people get paid now for being negative ,
    Everyone looked unique and beautiful in the met gala
    , I love met Gala .
    I mean Danielle wouldn’t like it if someone was mean to her and she knows it so I don’t understand why she thinks it’s ok to hurt other people

    Besides taking up this bitch persona is not classy

  2. Bitch you are an asshole
    You were born yesterday and today you judge celebrities who make millions in a day
    Do you make that money
    Fake ass bitch
    You use Dr.phil to get your self a title fuck you and your mama
    Slut,hoe, vatina

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