From “Scary Monsters” (epochal album of great depth, on worrying topics), the “prophetic” Bowie reinterprets the disillusionment about fashion and robotization, which proceed hand in hand. Always with a smile, of course.
Sorry for one defect of 2.5 seconds of silence towards the end of the video.
I had a choice:
a) not to publish this version at the Olympia (now non-existent on YT, I repeat, this version);
b) sharing it as is.
For me, being a Bowie’s pretty and biting performance …
“beep beep”, I have chosen.

28 thoughts on “DAVID BOWIE – FASHION – LIVE OLYMPIA 2002

  1. Bowie obviously earned a professorship in planetary
    physics by '85. Was more of a social scientist though.
    Might've been a famous musician if he'd played his cards
    right which he did. Fashion is his my fave song.

  2. Ziggy was my favorite spider from Mars and now we're on our own.
    Planet Earth is lonely without Bowie but gravity being what it is I'm still here.
    Doo-whop, bleep bleep bleep that's fashion. Turn to the left, turn to the right.
    Damn goon squad doesn't need to come into our town they've already owned
    the streets of Los Angeles since 1840 or something. Yeah I'm a Silverlake hipster
    and we care about our town such as it is. What a mess but most other towns are even worse.

  3. No one knew that Bowie would be supposedly dead by 2016.
    Imam was his wife and now she's his widow. That's fashion.
    Hollywood hills hot Porsche at unsafe speed that's how we die in LA.
    Takes about 50 bucks to gas up the Porsche to jump it out into
    the canyon from Mulholland. Even then you're not guaranteed dead.
    LAFD or some do gooders will pull you out like they care or something.

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