Deadliest Fashion Trends | SERIOUSLY STRANGE #27

Fashion. It’s always changing in each society all around the world, from tribes of isolated island to bustling cities. But when you look closely enough, it seems “fashion” is one of the crazier things humans have adopted.
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50 thoughts on “Deadliest Fashion Trends | SERIOUSLY STRANGE #27

  1. My Grandmother, had she lived would be about 102 today. She had her foot bound as a child. She told me the horrible pain, smell and this went on for years, from about 4 to 5 years old to teenager (until she stopped growing). The real motive wasn't beauty – it was oppression. Women couldn't work, barely leave the house or be on their own. They were forever house slaves for their father, husband and son. She said the only good that ever came out of Communism is that they outlawed foot binding.

  2. How conceited must a female be to do the foot binding shtick? I understand the thing they used to do in the 19th century or so when women used to where corsets in shit, but damn…’ve gotta be dumber than a box of rocks to do that to yourself. Unless it was forced upon you? Sorry but the foot fetish thing is only in like 1% of guys… did these girls even walk if they break the middle part of the foot anyways?!?! Holy shit fashion is stupid AF. It hasn’t benefitted society in ANY WAY!!! So to every female out there, I couldn’t care LESS if you’re wearing a couple hundred bucks worth of fashion on your body because it’d get lost in 90% of guys lol. So if you decide to do these dumb things to yourself, then you deserve anything negative that comes out of it.

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