47 thoughts on “Dior Homme | Pre-Fall 2018/2019 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

  1. 為什麼模特兒的表情都很臭臉?那樣好看嗎?還有模特兒的工作都只是直線的走過來又直線走回頭,不用說話,也不必做任何事,完全沒有動腦,機械式的直線來回走動,年紀輕輕就從事這種不用大腦的工作,真是對世界最沒有貢獻,只會掠奪世界資源的傢伙

  2. can already see Kims vision within his two collections and I'm here for it, though I do wish he'd take a little more risk. The aesthetic is on point and clothes are very wearable while all being individually special

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