Do Fashion Nova Jeans Really Make Your B U T T Look Bigger? | Haul & Try On

Do Fashion Nova Jeans Really Make Your B U T T Look Bigger? | Haul &| Try On: If you want to try Fashion Nova for yourself, feel free to use my FASHION NOVA DISCOUNT CODE: XODUCLOTTNI

So many people have asked whether or not it’s true Fashion Nova Jeans make your booty look bigger. I’m giving you my personal opinion on whether or not these jeans are really worth all the hype. Yes I love Fashion Nova as a brand, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to give them a pass! I’m telling you my point of view from both pre BBL & After BBL. Check out the Jean Haul & Try On from Fashion Nova and YOU be the judge.

**VIDEO of Try On & PHOTOS start after the 8 minute mark.**

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40 thoughts on “Do Fashion Nova Jeans Really Make Your B U T T Look Bigger? | Haul & Try On

  1. Nice tips girl! This has been very helpful because I actually heard that they sell jeans for people with long legs as well and I actually have long legs for my body, and I am planning on ordering a few jeans from Fashion Nova. I’d just want to ask how much would BBL would be by average? It’s a question out of topic but if you can answer, that would be very helpful! 💘

  2. Thank you Toni for always sharing your FashionNova Hauls I"ve never ordered from them but I'm going to order a pair of those canopy jeans. I like the jeans with the buttons but I can't find them on the site. Do you know the name of the jeans? And thanks for your discount code

  3. When they run out of stock on an item you ordered, they don't refund your money. Instead, they send half of your order in addition to a stupid gift card with less than the amount you paid for. This happened to me twice.

  4. I have great experiences with FN!Im in my items come in 2 days.I find that you should go with your measurements if the cotton percentages are lower than %80!Because I’ve ordered jeans with like 5% spandex and 75% cotton and they weren’t as stretchy as an item with 95% cotton and 2% spandex!I can go down 2 or 3 waist sizes when it’s 98% cotton depending on how fitted I want my jeans to be.But go by the smallest part of your waist measurements for sure if the cotton percentages are low.Hope this helps someone❤️

  5. Your ass & thigh look bomb in those canopy jeans hunty👌🏽 I’ve always wanted to order fashion nova jeans but I hear a lot they don’t send non youtubers their stuff they’ll let you order then say it’s out of stock & they will send you a coupon/discount… ummm no!

  6. Gurrrl frenn,,,that bootay ,, so hot I feel the heat all the way up here in Cold Canada (Toronto area) lol lol,, dayuummm girl work that bootie. Yes them jeans look so fine you give me hope. Cheers !! ,,,,,,,,,go onn widd ya fine self.

  7. I used to like them but some of them tend to look cheap to me, specially the thin almost jegging material ones.. now the Top Shop Jaime jeans are everrrything for pear shaped women and the denim is high quality.

  8. Hi Toni, first I have to say I love you hair and makeup with the red lip. Is that Ruby woo😊. Second, I always appreciate and respect your opinion. Thanks for your honesty. Even though I do not own anything from that company, your opinion is still appreciated. As always your spirit and personality is beautiful 🤗.

  9. It's like you were reading my mind. Been thinking to make my 1st order from them. But was scared in regards to the fit of the jeans. Watching this is making set to place my order in the next week or 2. Thank you 💖💕

  10. Interesting, thanks. I always buy Calvin Kline jeans, I just got hip to kut jeans thanks to stitch fix. Never tired fashion nova, and unfortunately for me I've always had to wear a belt with me jeans. However, I do love Calvin Kline.

  11. Excellent analysis!…I agree that FN flatters the feminine shape bigger than almost all of the more spendy, older brands. As a beauty photographer I see models who spend much more on unflattering brands. Fashion Nova almost always showcases curves extremely well.

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