DON’T Watch If You Like Fashion Nova! | Exposing Truth In Try On Haul !!!

Spillin’ tea on Fashion Nova! Bought the SAME Items from Rainbow and this is what I got! This is a fashion nova try on haul and rainbow haul while I compare the two! Are they the same quality?!

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28 thoughts on “DON’T Watch If You Like Fashion Nova! | Exposing Truth In Try On Haul !!!

  1. More surprised fashion nova actually SHIPPED THOSE OUT. I’ve been waiting for almost a month and they’re so scamming my money sayin “it went missing in transit” when they NEVER SHIPPED. And now they’re sayin “we will give you a store credit” and then sayin “e-gift card might take a while”. They’re so full of s***.

  2. I personally think FN is getting out of hand, the prices are too much for the cheap material and the clothes "to me" have become extremely trashy. I've moved on and cut their marketing out because I was being slammed with FN ads

  3. Literally the burgundy top at 7:50 , i just went into Rainbow and got that last week and as I looked at it I remember going “This looks like the top I saw on Fashion Nova” AINT THIS SOME BS, that top was cheap af at Rainbow i’m glad I didn’t waste my coins on FN

  4. I bought a Striped dress from Charlotte Russe like a while ago and I wore it recently and noticed it said ambiance too😭 mannnn I was trying to find this video to comment this because I felt like my friends wouldn’t care lol

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