ELTON JOHN DRESSED UP AS WHO!?! (A Rocketman Fashion History)

With the Biopic “Rocketman” having been released May 31st, 2019, getting down to the real history of Elton John and his iconic fashion moments. Following his sartorial journey from 1970 in Los Angeles to today with his work with Taron Egerton & his farewell tour.

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20 thoughts on “ELTON JOHN DRESSED UP AS WHO!?! (A Rocketman Fashion History)

  1. super random but can you react to phoebe buffay’s fashion? i think she had some really iconic looks (the orange coat) 😫👌🏻

  2. If I remember rightly the silver boat and the white wig is a reference to Marie Antoinette or maybe Louis XIV. Anyways, it rings a bell and I’m pretty sure it’s related to French history.

  3. I choose to believe that pronouncing "bass" wrong and questioning why people could go crazy at a Beatles concert are both jokes as I don't want to loose all respect for you.

  4. Gucci totally had a hand in Rocketman. From some of the glasses to some of the costumes. There’s even a picture of Elton with a bunch of Gucci shopping bags in the credits haha. So many smart moves from Alessandro since he became the creative director for Gucci, tbh. He’s brought the house up again and they’ve made a major comeback. Love it.

  5. i just watched rocketman and thought the outfits in the film were so different to that of his originals. I was wondering if this was intentional. Elton truly is a costume fashion icon

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