Hey guys! Here is another Walmart try-on haul. I went and returned the items that didn’t work for me in the last haul and got caught up buying more. Lol! Is that how it works for you too? This haul is more about the basics though that every closet needs. From cami’s to leggings, to faux leather jackets and cardigans. Anyway, I hope that you guys enjoy! Thanks so much for watching! If you are new I would love to have you subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss out on my videos! I appreciate each and every one of my viewers and I love you guys so much! XOXO

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Links to everything shown:
Jeggings: https://bit.ly/2EEj1FZ
Rose Sweater: Can’t find link online
Cami: https://bit.ly/2Dd7mw1 – can’t find the ones I have, which are the Terra & Sky
Cardigan: https://bit.ly/2qmCaC1
Terra & Sky Leggings: https://bit.ly/2yNNN9R
Similar Jeans: https://bit.ly/2yNgrrM

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  1. Girl, the hair and makeup are ROCKIN'. !!! I only do leggings in boots with long cardis ( I'm old enough to be your mom…lol) but they are very cute with the jacket & cardigans on you. TFS. 😎

  2. I truly understand you should see what's inside a women see the qualtys and not the body see the brain and not the face see the person that they are and not how sexy she is or how hot but..no matter what they tell me I want a barbie

  3. Omg I was just there at Walmart! I have been in search for the camo print henley and they finally got them in! They run so small though, I usually wear a large but got a xxlarge! I was looking at those leggings lined with fleece bc Im a crossing guard and need them for the cold weather! I don't k ow if I like the black leggings for me bc it would annoy me being lower in the back! Lol Also years ago I ise to wear pantyhose under leggings and it does really help with the lumps and bumps which I have!
    I love those jeans they are so stretchy and comfy!!
    Got mine at Marshalls they have a lot of them!
    Gotta get some of those camis!
    Great haul!😘😘😘

  4. Terra & Sky runs a size bigger than the normal, always remember to size down.

    I’m a size 12-14, I always, always shop the plus size section at Walmart! I find that junior plus size don’t work for me!
    Probably because don’t have a tummy, I have a booty 😑

    FYI: You are slayin’ the plus size clothing today! 😎

  5. Every walmart seems to be different, with items all over the place. I don't think staff know (or care) the difference between xxl and 2x. It makes finding anything tedious. I missed the adjustable strap cami's. Fleece leggings? No way. It's 80f here. I get frustrated with the lack of warm weather winter clothes.

  6. I have the same cardigan in mustard! I love it! And you can get the regular leggings (not fleece lined) by Terra&Sky and they are so soft. The fleece ones burn me up. Even in the winter! Lol. Great haul!

  7. Thanks for the marathon in October and starting with November. Thought you'd take a week off at least, but I like that you always have new ideas. It's cute that your eyeshadow matches that 1st shirt. Nice lipstick too, makeup expert 😊.
    3:23 I would say the form fitting leggings are Making your legs smile with dimples. I hope that simple rephrasing makes you happier. 9:40 illustrates Cami creativity.

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