Fashion Design Tutorial 1: Design Process: Overview

First video in a new series based on subscriber questions on the design process. This video will go over a summary of the design process and future videos will go over step by step in depth.

Playlist with entire Fashion Design Process series:


Fashion Design Tutorial: What are Flats?

Fashion Design Tutorial: How to Make Your Own Flats Template

Fashion Design Tutorial: How to Draw Flats

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47 thoughts on “Fashion Design Tutorial 1: Design Process: Overview

  1. Zoe, I have been hooked watching your videos almost night and day right now, I have been a fashion Bug since I was 8 no surprise it seems for most of us either as Seamstress designers or the new cat. of sewists. I have had your video up and running with your collection inspiration into And Admire you even more for the Gender neutral and unisex. aspects I love you for this !. I right now am trying to just get inspiration and draft my own patterns for my own personal wardrobe just for the simple fact no one I know out there actually has a retail line to FIT me. Little History, I stand now at 6ft in height without heels a few years ago I was actually 6ft 2 {Is there might be a story there } I do not have a standard female shape that may come in time. but for years my tie to the Fashion retail world was strictly evening wear special occasions and club wear… {You know where this may be heading} As a Female impersonator we just buy larger sizes and tailor to fit or have custom outfits or live for Stretch fabrics My current dealings with the fashion world as a New Woman is now buying ready to wear separates casual dresses businesswear and all I got to say is this ! WHEN will someone out there quit marketing clothes for women that quit acting like Straight jackets? Is it cost per unit, market demand, or underlying misogyny? that sleeves have to restrict movement, Pants that cut off circulation to your thighs Finding outfits has been a chore finding good fits and flattering lines that does not mean I spend 30.00 for a blessed top at Lane Bryant.   I was lucky my capsule wardrobe has been gifted to me by friends who match some of my size and height variants but so many of the Tops and Blouses heavily restrict my movement. Like the Fashion Industry promoting ALL over Foot Binding.. SO maybe one day the industry will chuck the whole size to make the customer feel better and actually deal with comfort style and price points. But one thing for anyone out there Transgender clothing is not just inside a niche market over time we will be a front runner in the buying public we need those designers out there to help Our bodies are the core of our past Hormones change and move fat to where we need them but the core remains constant free movements in sleeves and pants working around tucking I hope you do work towards more gender neutral designs and if those in school want to think about it research the retail market for us see what our disposable incomes are and for heaven sake Don't assume all Transgender Women want and only wear fetish clothing there is a huge difference in How those who Cross-Dress style themselves vrs What Transgender women need in their clothes to live comfortably in them.
    Sorry for the rant but you touched off a view and an appeal that could only be said to someone inside the industry and I had to share this .  But thank you SO much for every Video done and every future video and class you offer you helped me get over a block and a whole month of self destructive thoughts about my own work as a Sewits/Designer.

  2. Ma'am thanks for creating this channel for us… I'm Diploma student…. and I follow all your instructions and they add extra to my knowledge…. I want to see your videos serially… but don't know how…. plz tell me how can I watch them from basic to the current topic…

  3. Thank you, Zoe. It's always fun to learn from your videos! I start and stop to put my notes in Outline on my Mac, which is like One Note on MS. A playlist becomes a Section Group; a video is usually a Section. You make everything understood and I feel confident in doing it.

  4. Love your videos, and this playlist is really good and educating!, I am a fashion designer too, I really like your process, but one thing I find difficult when designing for a commercial brand is taking certain trends or styles they want in specific without literally taking other trendsetting brands their design or style, can you give and advice about this ? Thank you very much

  5. Hey Zoe! I'm super passionate about fashion designing and want to take it up in college. But I'm a TERRIBLE artist when it comes to drawing. I just cannot hand draw no matter how hard I practise. I work best with my iPad and can illustrate a bit more easily on that. I'm really scared that this inability will lower the attractiveness of my portfolio.

  6. Hi Zoe.. This playlist is too good.. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.. your videos actually got me back to designing.. i have my own little clothing brand.. and hadn't designed anything for months.. So thank you so very very much.. im back to sketching.. feeling uber inspired.. Please do another fashion collection video set from something you are working on these days.. pretty pleezzz..

  7. I have design dresses and I wanted to know at what point should I start your classes, I have been designing for years.
    I am interested in selling my designs if possible. Could you help me with this dilemma

  8. Hi Zoe, i really appreciate your video, because of it helps me a lot, i have been watching your video since few years ago, from a preparation the doucments for an  exam of dessiner school until i succeed and study in it, i love your video, thank you so much.

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