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Beyond the crumbling walls of sweatshops we find out the true cost of fashion. It’s April 23rd 2013, a busy commercial building in Dhaka, Bangladesh towers over thousands of workers, many of them children. As they toil away in a cramped sweatshop the force of the eight-storey building collapses on to them, killing more than a 1,000 people and permanently disfiguring a further 2,500. It emerges that this building had been condemned and not fit for purpose, yet many workers were caged for 14-hours a day with no escape.This was not just an unfortunate circumstance but one that could easily have been prevented.

Through first-hand eyewitness accounts we will investigate the cause of the collapse and reveal how major international brands have ignored the warnings by continuing to use these unsafe buildings and put profit ahead of safety.

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35 thoughts on “Fashion Factories Undercover (Documentary) – Real Stories

  1. I do like a good sale/deal and this makes me a bit guilty for those clothes that I got. BUT it is not mine fault that they are poor, uneducated, corrupted and making high population of kids that they can't support. It is an evil circle and they have to find a way out.

  2. We should all stop buying clothing from brands and stores. Lets start buying second hand clothing and trade clothing, lets recycle and reuse.

    They only care about money so we should stop giving it to them.

  3. Why to buy plenty of clothes when your closet I full of clothes never worn????? Better to buy less ,with higher quality made in our own country than this .that's just a modern slavery ,the consumers want always more without to pay the price for, they have a judge responsibility in it😡😡😡😡😡😡.

  4. horrible. I had no idea. What can we do besides not support those companies? I do buy a lot of clothes from thrift stores so I am aware that it's good to do that but seriously what else can we do? Thank you

  5. Cheap (aka slaves) workers are used all aver the world, not only in fashion industry. Please, accept my gratefulness all those presidents and directors, who think not only about the profit, but also take care of their workers by providing them with fair fees and creating a healthy work environment.

  6. It’s not only in fashion but in other types of products as well, how can you be sure that when you buy expensive and not cheap clothes things will change? If you have a skill that few can do you are lucky but if you are just the same as the millions that employers can choose from then you are at their mercy. Either you make your own conditions or make employers at least respect you. This is a hard thing to do but you have no choice. I’m trying to do it myself. Clearly these people stick to these jobs because its the least worse choice they have so far. This is the way of the vicious society that humans created where clothes are treated better than humans. And we wonder why aliens if they exist don’t contact us. If we do these to our kind what about aliens…

  7. You cannot blaim the company because these are done by the import producers. It sud be seen how the company is gving its production to be handled by the third party. Because when they send the money it gets into the third parties account and its there work to hire and labour these employees of low earning nations. See the direct employees of any fashion brand they are well established and taken care off.

  8. Shouldn't their governments be making sure the buildings meet certain safety standards; and isn't it the governments job to ensure that workers have rights and are treated well? That stuff isn't down to primark and other brands… shame on them for taking advantage of it though ://

  9. I've been watching this situation for years. Nothing got to me more than the supervisor halfway through cursing and hitting the 14 year old girl. The language was more vulgar and violent than any Hollywood creep. Yet we are told to loathe the Hollywood dirty old men by stars wearing fashions made by children enduring much worse.
    The undercover scenes of the supervisor will truly break you down…stick with this one to the end.

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