Fashion Illustration Tutorial: Fur & Shearling

UPDATE: I created a Practice Pack with lecture notes and line drawings to help you practice the techniques I show in this video! Find it here:

Fur and shearling! Short, long, striped, soft, bristly, with markers, with paints, with different brushes.


Intro to Markers for Fashion Designers & Illustrators

Intro to Paints for Fashion Designers & Illustrators

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Fashion Illustration Tutorial: Quilted Fabrics

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All by boards are reference for my students/viewers.


45 thoughts on “Fashion Illustration Tutorial: Fur & Shearling

  1. Completely not trying to be rude and I can tell you’re not a rude person, but I feel like you’re mad at me. 😂 Like I feel like I’m annoying you. 😂😂 it’s a tone of voice thing, plain and simple. You remind me of a friend of mine who has the same thing. Anytime I hear her talk to anyone, she sounds annoyed. 😂You’re a great teacher!

  2. Really love your videos you're such an inspiration .. just like a mentor to me .. whenever I am stuck in my design process I look for an answer at your your channel

  3. Would you ever try sketch fashion design on the iPad Pro and see which are differences and the easiest.
    And btw your tutorials are REALLY helpful and thanks for uploading! Keep it going!

  4. hi zoe, im a young boy studying fashion design and totally addicted with fashion, altough my skills are not that good buut im improving day by day, i wanted to ask you one thing, since copic markers are so expensive for me is it possible to create fur rendering with colored pencils ? i just have them and im learning basic shades/highlights regarding fabrics.. i hope you will answer me, you are so good and i'm learning many things with your videos, love you.

  5. Do you always line with pencil? In my classes, we're always been taught to finish fine-liner but your illustrations have a very natural look. It didn't even occure to me that I could line with pencil!

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting together your series. It has helped me so much. My first shoe prototype was a fur shoe. Your video helps me to feel more confident about my skills since you're helping me build on it. Thank you again, Zoe.

  7. Hi Zoe, awesome tutorials and I love your sarcasm 🙂 If it's not too much to ask, I would love to see a tutorial on how to render velvet. I have seen once an Italian trend catalogue and I was impressed by the way velvet was rendered there (very realistic). Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and keep-up the great work.

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