Hey babes!
Here’s my current Fav jeans from Fashion Nova!

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For size reference I’m 5’2 ,102lbs 23in waist


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36 thoughts on “FASHION NOVA JEANS TRY ON!

  1. Thanks for the reviews! You gave us a lot to consider.

    It would of been nice if you verbally said the name of every jeans as you reviewed them or wrote the name of them on the screen while talking about that pair. I know the link is in the description box however you can not see the name of the jeans in the link (cell phone) so it makes us hunt and you have to be redirected so it’s time consuming.

    You did say the name of your older jeans but not the new jeans.

  2. I am subscribing mostly because you're my size. I'm 5'1" and 105 lbs. There isn't many people my size. So when look at clothing reviews it's hard to determine because they're all way different than I am. I debated for almost a year to buy fashion Nova jeans because I couldn't find a review from someone my size.

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