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• Bon Bon Bandage Dress – Black – size S
• Obviously Into You Belted Dress – Candy Pink – size S
• Curves for days set – fuchsia size S
• she is a doll skirt – Pink size S
• She’s A Sweetheart Crop Top – Taupe – size M
• Mililani Bikini – Pink size S
• Roaming The Waters Bikini – Leopard – size S
• Don’t Distress About It Jeans – Medium Wash size 3
• Over The Rainbow Skinny Jeans – Light Blue Wash size 3
• No Fux Given Ringer Tee – White/Combo – size S
• No Introduction Needed Top – White- size S
• Color Your World Bodysuit – White – size S
• Total Betty Plaid Dress – Pink size S
• My Sweet Lady Top – White size S
Nelson Pereira
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41 thoughts on “FASHION NOVA | TRY ON HAUL

  1. Hey Alva I hate myself because you know how guys are like “bro she is thicc I want her to be my baby” well I am that type of person I hate myself because I shouldn’t be doing that and I just want you to block me from everything cause I’m super thirsty and jealous please like this

  2. Hi love how did you lose your arm fat ? I been struggling to slim down my arms since I started my fitness journey 9 months ago , I do weights and they have gone down a bit but not good enough any advise ?

  3. Your body is goals!! How do you keep your belly flat and have a round bottom? I was told I would need to gain weight to get a rounder butt but I was also told I need to loose fat to gain muscle. I’ve lost weight and don’t want to gain weight at all. I just want a rounder butt

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