Fashion Nova Try On Haul!

This video is partnered with Fashion Nova!

Fashion Nova Website:

15% Off Discount Code is KIMTHAI (This is NOT an affiliate code, I do NOT get commission).

As of today, 1/14/18 – they have a 20% Discount Code if you enter your email and a 30% – 80% Discount Code if you use 10MIL.

My sizes:
Tops is a medium and large.
Jeans are a size 9-13.
Dresses are a large.
Bottoms are a large.

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Username – uraznpersuasion


37 thoughts on “Fashion Nova Try On Haul!

  1. You’re so gorgeous. Beautiful body too! I’ve recently lost some weight and am now in those in between sizes where you aren’t petite but not exactly plus size either. It’s great to see someone that looks similar to me. Thank you!

  2. Hello Ladies!
    I‘m from Germany and I want to buy fashion nova jeans,but I don‘t know how the sizes and how the shipping are. I want don‘t want to buy something that doesn‘t fit because it‘s so stressful ..

    Sorry for my English!
    Ps: I love this video😍😍😍

  3. The thing about FashionNova is that the items are either a hit or miss. I’ve bought a couple of stuff from them and they always run small for me especially the body suits! I will try to order a size or two up and hopefully it’ll help.

  4. Love the video next time I would put the camera on a tripod when your showing the clothes that way you can get the full 360 view and you don’t have to hold up the camera

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