FASHION NOVA TRY ON HAUL PT. 3! *Over Protective Boyfriend Reacts & Rates Outfits

This Saturdays video I do a Fashion Nova try on haul for the third time but this time my over protective boyfriend doesn’t just react but he also rates the outfits from a 1-10 scale! trust me this is something you are not going to want to miss 😂😱

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30 thoughts on “FASHION NOVA TRY ON HAUL PT. 3! *Over Protective Boyfriend Reacts & Rates Outfits

  1. Yo dani was in a model thing 2 years ago and then witch she must have been 10 and then her first song was 1 year ago and hate on the summer to claming that she is 13 and her first video was 2 years ago hold on ok back then she had a birthday a year ago with this guy name chris and it was not last year brb ok back and she started dating her old bf 11 mouths ago brb AGAIN ok back AGAIN and then she made a song with a very old boy singing we don't talk anymore witch was 1 year ago she had to be like 11 yeah it was 11 and then after that she started dressing like a hoe so she clearly us nit 14 because it all makes since to me if it doesn't to you you didn't think hard like i did so you must be 13 or 12 i know her birthday past but she still has to be either one i sound stupid don't i?

  2. 6:11 look where danielle's hand is and she then looks at the camera and realises its recording so she moves her hand 😂😂😂😂 she then starts staring at the camera a lot and started kissing to avoid what just happened BOI-

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