33 thoughts on “Fashion Nova Valentine’s Day Try On 2019 – Lingerie

  1. What a great haul! I like the camera version better, less distortion. You should also do your videos with you standing up as well as sitting down. Also you'll need a different camera angle to really flatter your figure. I'm amazed that you have such a low camera angle and you still look amazing! Most other girls would not look good at all with how your camera is set up. PM if you have questions, I do camera work.

  2. Normal camera is better imo. The GoPro is super wide making you look really far away. If you put it closer to you it would be better. I understand you set them up next to each other but, if you go with the GoPro just take it about 2-3 feet closer.

  3. why don't you stand up and show the bottom part of the set., you do have a Great Booty, show it off!…pretty sure peeps want to see the front & back of the entire upper and lower front and back of the set.

  4. Awesome video also, everything looks so amazing on you but I especially loved the blue. You have an amazing skin tone all of the world's colors look great on you

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