Fashion Nova x Cardi B…THEY PLAYED ME!! | jasmeannnn

watch this video to get some TEA on Fashion nova! THEY SO SHADEYYY. its crazy. love cardi b though! just watch the video and see what they did to me!!! UGHHH.

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35 thoughts on “Fashion Nova x Cardi B…THEY PLAYED ME!! | jasmeannnn

  1. I love fashionnova clothing. But whom ever is running the business sucks. I havent ordered from them in years because of this same reason. Order a lot or a little. Order is late. Never receive my whole order. Then they want to give a store credit and no refund. I work to hard not to be refunded 100% of my money. Fahionnova isn't a reliable company. Always have a few back up outfits because you will always run into issues when ordering from them. I wish they sent you everything

  2. Im not at Cardi fan at all but i am a fan/subbie of you. Ive seen thumbnails of other youtubers showing her line and i breezed on by the video. Only because its you thats why i watched, and i must say that "line" looked just like i thought it would. Cheap and Cardi-esk. The only cute thing i saw was the little leather body suit. But ive seen her in that. I know when you make a cothing lines your making things that you would wear yourself. But i thought you also had to take into consideration you "fans" arent you and may want things you havent been seen in!? But yeah funny video Jazz.😊

  3. They did the same thing to me too… they said they were changing a warehouse. I ordered oct 9 2018 and didn’t get no tracking nothing… after a month I canceled only to get my refund December 13 2018… and that was only because I was blowing up their IG and FACEBOOK accounts. That’s the last time… it took 49 emails back n forth begging for assistance from their own customers service and my total was 997$ so I’m over! Only PLT for me now😒

  4. Idk why she steady complaining about the shipping/refunding girl you ain’t they only customer there’s a process so yeah keep waiting girl bye 💁🏻‍♀️ I swear people that don’t own an online store or work for one needs to shut up btw you should’ve left fashion nova cancelled cause you don’t even got the bod that’s why the clothes didn’t work for ya hunty

  5. Girl i waited a full month no notifications, i emailed them they copy pasted some shit from their page, i replied to them asking wheres the order i shit you not they litterally emailed me back to stop emailing them didnt give me any answer just straight up told me to stop, like how are you gonna treat your customers like that?

  6. I got my refund from fashionova because I told them if they didn’t refund my money for a missing item I’d refund the full amount through my bank even though I hadn’t returned all my items because I had proof they were supposed to give me a refund anyways. Lol

  7. it honestly doesn’t surprise me that they messed up… you always hear complaints from their customers & even other companies. there’s been so many drama and rumors about them that it surprises me how they’re still in business but then i realize how they finesse their customers & other small business & it makes sense how they’re still a thing. it shouldn’t be like that though, how they selling items that i legit find in my local boutique for way cheaper than they’re website. they claiming cause it’s better quality but it’s legit the same or even cheaper quality. it’s a shame.

  8. D and the funny thing is, it is hard to reach them and get a full or partial refund . I had to go through my bank because they shipped my order somewhere else and I have been waiting over a month. And they don't like to issue full handle issues like this and accept their fucks ups so jasmine will have to go through her bank to get a full refund.

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