FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: All Stars 4 Episode 9 with Raja and Aquaria!

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Hey, kitty girl! In this episode of Fashion Photo RuView, Raja and Aquaria TOOT and BOOT the lewks from All Stars 4, Episode 9!

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35 thoughts on “FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: All Stars 4 Episode 9 with Raja and Aquaria!

  1. Bitch I expect aquaria to be smoking rocks but RAJA whooo tf r y’all tryna to impress… y’all gon tell US the FANS some bullshit to spear someone’s feelings 😑🤬.. Biihh where tf is my Favorite Drag Queen RAVEN🥰❤️.. bc this shit been ALLL FUCKED UP THIS SEASON!!!

  2. The issue with Monique's hat is the feathers are on the wrong side…the feathers should be on the side that sits higher..and that side should also have a bend or be turned up.
    It drove me nuts too

  3. how could you physically toot latrices? love her, but omg it was tragic? a) was NOT on theme (zebra is now a cat? it was safari lets be honest) b) looks cheap af c) another gown!? (weve seen this cut on her 1000 times) nothing new, nothing modern, its literally just ugly. probably the worst outfit on all stars 4, if not the whole show

  4. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? How come Latrice got a toot and Monique got a boot???

    I am not a fan of Monique at all but bitsh she turned it!

    I disagree that she should change the shape of the hat, that would make it more like a costume, this way is more fashion forward.

    Honestly folks, I’m tired of Latrice being pushed down my throat, we are done with her. This season made me hate Latrice. Stop trying to make her happen!

  5. Omg I love Aquaria's wig. It looks so good on her. Latrice's outfit isn't that great lol. I wish Monique Heart had those ultra huge Irises contacts and made her satellite dish hat smaller. She could've done that pitiful face pussy in bussy is known for. I love Naomi's. Did she win again? Hehehe

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