41 thoughts on “Fashion Photo Ruview : Katya Edition

  1. Katyaโ€™s pants look is one of my all time fav looks from RPDR !!

    Every.single.thing was perfectly done; the vintage Mugler suit, the fact that all accessories, including nails, are pretty much the same exact tone, the makeup (especially the bright yellow shadow on the inner corner, and the taupe lip that matches the stripes !!!!!), THE HAIR, and the bright yellow pump brings the whole look together.
    I disagree with Manila, I think if she had done a mustard shoe it wouldโ€™ve deescalated the whole look.

    In conclusion: ISSA SHOOT

    Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk

  2. The AS2 final look was not that bad out of 4 my least fav was Alaska's I mean really??? That cheap fabric with peacock bowa it was little thin ( I know peacock fathers are not cheap) Bitch, please
    You can toot her but boot Katya's??
    The shape was wired but it was expansive

  3. I like watching raven and rajas outfit and wig changes throughout the weeks but makeup staying the same. I know they film a few episodes of FPR in a sitting but its just one of those hollywood behind the scenes things I like to notice

  4. Katya wears every thing she puts on. It is not wearing her. We are only seeing a smidge of what is inside that quixotic head of hers. There are very few queens on Rupauls that have as much going on the inside as the out. Thanks for making a whole ep about one of my favorite contestants ever! Long live Czarina Katya!

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