FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: Raja and Asia O'Hara 624

Sippin’ on style, sis! Raja and Asia O’Hara’s thirst-quenching takes on looks inspired by the Mango Dragonfruit Starbucks Refreshers. Brought to you by Starbucks.

37 thoughts on “FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: Raja and Asia O'Hara 624

  1. There's definitely a way to make this content have seamless advertisement in it and still be entertaining… And this video was devoid of that technique.

  2. I feared this was coming.

    So is this double monetization? You already clean up the language to stay cash-eligible within YouTube (not that I've seen any ads attached to WoW content in a while, so for whatever that's worth), but now we're getting not-even-thinly veiled product placement episodes too?

    Just to save a little time: I say no to Starbucks on an hourly basis, and Klarna is just beyond, so, judging from responses that I'm reading on the WoW content I regularly consume, the specific content created for product placement thing — as distinct from in-line sponsorship of the regular content — isn't going over so well.

  3. Yikes. I didn’t mind when they started episodes with “brought to you by…” but this is out of hand. If this is what WOW shows are turning in to, I’ll find something else to watch. BOOT!

  4. Watched the first few mins of this on my wow presents plus app and came here to say PLEASE GAWD DONT DO THIS AGAIN . The wine and vodka was one thing but a whole episode of Starbucks gets a giant booooo from me.

  5. Seriously though? F*ck this shit. Bootleg Opinions is SO much better than this utterly blatant product placement and quite frankly boring edition. Girl, bye!

  6. Omfg can people actually calm down I personally enjoyed this episode like seriously u came to watch them look at different looks and talk about them and that’s what u got so stop going on about the fact that this is just an ad if u hate it so much y did u watch the whole thing and y did u have to comment

  7. I'm going to cancel my membership to Wow+ app if they keep putting this add kinda bullshit up on it and treating it exactly the same as their YouTube page! We were told we'd get unhhhh a week early, that stopped happening. On top of that… We still get adds shoved down our fuckin' throats too! THAT IS THE EXACT REASON I PAY $5.45 per month, we shouldn't have 1 of the few wow+ shows we get per month taken up by adds for Starbucks or a fucking finance company … BOTH OF WHICH ARE FUCKING IRRELEVANT TO AUSTRALIANS!!! A few more weeks and if it doesn't improve, I'm cancelling my subscriptions.
    If you have to, get advertisers that have a 1-2 minute requirement and put it near the end of you can, don't make ENTIRE vids that are just one big blatant add. You ain't fooling anyone by doing it this way and in fact it leaves such a bad taste in the mouth, that I'd bet very very very few people would be positively disposed towards a company like Klarna (for example) and would in turn think "I fucking hate them, I'll never DL that app!

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