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Alex Hutchinson:
Model: Claire Gunn
Styling: Carmel Daly
Makeup: Ailbhe Lynch


Hey Guys,

in today’s episode I challenged fellow photographer Alex Hutchinson to a film vs digital shootout! he shot on his pentax 67 and i used my canon 5d mk iv.
how do you like the results? which medium do you prefer, analog or digital?

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About Me: My name is Anita Sadowska, Im a 24 year old professional fashion photographer based in Dublin, Ireland. On my channel I will be uploading regular photography tips & tricks, Fashion shoot behind the scenes and loads of photoshop and lightroom retouching and editing tutorials.

33 thoughts on “FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY SHOOTOUT – Film vs Digital

  1. Fabulous video. Loved the comparison and watching you block your LCD. Starting photographing in the 70's of course we only shot film. I'm trying to get back into it and this was major inspiration for me to do so. Thanks for a great video.

  2. I shoot both film and digital and I think both have their strong points. I do use digital in the studio for a reason not shown in the video, I like working tethered with my 5DIII.

  3. The comparison of the final film and digital images was cursory, it seemed to me. The digital shots looked punchier and clearer, but without a more detailed study of the results, that's really hard to say for certain. I didn't like the implication that working digitally allows for a less considered and 'just take it and see' approach.

  4. People like to say film is expensive, but a professional film camera equivilent to the 5Div is like $300-400 whereas the 5D is a few grand. take into account a few grand $ on film and processing for the film camera for its life and they end up even in cost up to about the 2 years of use mark, which really is not too bad at all.

  5. Nice comparison. I test with a digital Leica M240 then shoot the 'proper' image with a Hasselblad (film) or if I want a different look I use large format film. 35mm film is also fun and more economical. I recommend developing and scanning your own film as you get much greater control over the finished image look. ( 🙂 P.S. Amazing model and location. I liked the styling. Some of the early B&W film shots looked too over exposed but the last set was good. The low angle digital shot was a real winner too.. and yes I don't meter light 3 times. Film has so much lattitude you can overexpose it easily +3 stops and the image will look very similar. (Just don't under expose film too much). I agree with you digital is better to under expose as can easily pull all the detail even at -3 stops (but at +3 the image will be for the bin). Matt

  6. you can just tweak it in photoshop whatever way and claim it's analog, I bet you can't tell if it's digital or analog. It's just an outdated technology that people romanticized so much but not useful when it comes to commercial photography. Maybe for fun, it's ok to play with this, it's like walking around with a walkman and feel like living the old times.

  7. Beautiful way of presenting very different shooting experiences. I personally love vintage glass on digital cameras. This video is a good encouragement to cope with impatient subjects. Alex approach, I find that most impressive. He needs so much more mental preparation.

  8. I started shooting film exactly a year ago this month. I have so much more understanding of photography now thanks to film. I've also learned to slow down even more. I used to take 300+ images per shoot with digital, now I'm able to take 100 or less and be happy with the results. I always use OCF so that always allowed me to be slow while shooting (because of recycle times), but film has help me to get even better. Now I shoot both film and digital during ALL my photoshoots, personal or paid clients work. Thanks for this video Anita, I would have prefer to see color images on both sides or BW on both sides, but still great! cheers!

  9. Why don't you shoot teathered? Back in the day we shot with Polaroid backs on a Bronica SQA in the days of film, it was only a £1 a shot to do a test shot! PShop in my opinion is treated like a get out of jail free card, you can become very complacent. Using film taught you to be super critical during a shoot, you were constantly looking for faults.

  10. one is bw and the other is color
    one is medium format and the other is 35mm
    one is processed and the other maybe not (?) as film is automatically processed in other to get the final product

    this whole comparison is a bit redundant ….

    only reason i would shoot a mf film is because i can't afford a mf digital and i really need that specific look (extremely rare scenario )
    mf film vs 35mm digital is 99.999999999999999% a total overkill as the benefits are grossly overweighted by the negatives

  11. Thought I posted this earlier, but it's not here so: Regarding the film work: 1. The ISO was 200 whereas the films were rated 400. Curious as to why. Were the development times pushed? 2. Alex was taking multiple light meter readings. Did the meter used average the readings for him, or did he estimate it? 3. How were the negatives scanned? Flatbed? Immacon? Drum?

  12. This was a great video. I started on film (as I'm old enough there was no digital photography until I was in my 30s) and now use digital. I always wonder about using film again as a compliment to my digital work. One thing puts me off; the difficulty and cost of getting film developed and scanned these days. In terms of this comparison, it's a wash – the film has, arguably, a more characterful look, the digital is more accurate. In fact, I'd say I found more of a difference between the format – medium format has a lovely look for portrait and fashion type work than either of the 35mm options, I think. Great model, by the way.

  13. Thanks for sharing guys. Good to see how other film photographers work. Also the comparing of both mediums is interesting to see. I'll stick with film 🙂 Measuring light 3 times I personally find overdone as I always use only an external light-meter. For the digital camera when working in manual without seeing the image display, I would overexposed one or two stops with reflective light. Images are very nice. Model looked a bit tense towards the end.

  14. As a Middle-aged American it's so Refreshing and Mesmerizing to see a Lady like Anita: Well dressed, Polite, Soft to the eye, Willing to listen and learn, sublimely poised and not feeling the need to out-do her Male coleague. Here in Her-Merica, our so called "women" are Manly looking and acting, very combative, obese, violent, aggressive, and when things dont go their way they pull the sexual harrasment card or "because am a woman" card, particularly when she is blatantly outshined by a Man. Am an African-American and our "women" look like Shemales raging with testosterone. The Mayor of my town has more facial hair than I do Pubic hair. Some sound like men; look at Oprah, Wendy Williams et al. Feminist movement and toxic ridden foods (GMO) is attributable to these flaws. My main take-away, unlike many bloggers is not digital vs slr or how beautiful the model was but how harmoniously and peaceful this duo worked together. WAKE-UP AMERICA and lets work together, Amen?!*

  15. Awesome video. I am a film photographer and my favorite camera is my Pentax67ii. It’s a beautiful camera and I love the sound of the shutter. You’re absolutely right the beauty of film is that it slows you down and allows you to focus more on your subject and what you really want out of an image. I don’t think one is better over the other, but my preference is definitely film.

  16. I shot film and printed in darkrooms for around forty years, but give me digital any day, although there is a certain magic to wet processing, but in all honesty digital is so good these days and far more convenient- I have used Photoshop since version 1.7.
    The 6×7 Pentax was a real nice camera capable of top notch results. In reality though this is obsessing over equipment and technicalities rather than the photography itself, because at the end of the day the final reproduction method will not reflect the original quality of either imaging method, film or digital. Lets take some really great artists, like the Beatles who never really cared that much about what type of guitar they played or what strings they used unlike many musicians who obsess over equipment like many photographers do- they knew that the music was most important, not the equipment used.

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