36 thoughts on “Fashion sketch step by step

  1. I think its very essential that u include various kinds of media n make it more interesting… Ive seen the other videos… Those r great… Most importantly, the construction u show to people about fashion illustration… Thank you for that…. Now i can finally develop my drawing skill using ur tips…

  2. I just tried to draw the body with this technique for the first time. I watched the video at a slow velocity and started drawing while pausing and playing it, and so on. And honestly, I can't believe how this technique that looked quite complicated before, is so much simple to understand once you draw it. It's like magic compared to the way I was thought at college. Thanks a lot! ♥

  3. Hi Ioana, thank you for creating this video.  It has helped me tremendously in learning how to draw the human figure.  However, I don't know much about the types of mediums used to create fashion drawings. My favorite medium is colored pencils and black charcoal pencil.  But I wish to branch out and use others.  I have noticed that you have mentioned using specific markers, pencils and pens  watercolor in parts of your videos and I think maybe even the color wheel.  Have you created a video that explains this and if so could you give me the title so I may view it.  If not I know it would help me and maybe others as well.  I have only watched a few of your videos.  Your instruction is wonderful and easy to follow.  Thank you for replying in advance.

    Mona Cunnikin

  4. Thank you so much, you are the highlight of my evenings!!!
    I am a hair designer and would love to learn how to draw the hair(braids, curls….)
    if you find a time could you please make a video for hairdressing sketching! 

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