Girliyapa’s Everyday Fashion Problems

Every girl goes through “What should I wear today moment” What do they do then? Find out!

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Channel Head: Tracy Dsouza
Directed by : Raghav Subbu
Written by : Preksha Khanna, Shruti Madan
Executive Producer : Arun Kumar
Creative Producer : Shreyansh Pandey
Assistant Director : Amir Musanna
DOP : Jerin Paul
Edited by : Sahil Verma
Color grading: Amit Kulkarni
Costume Stylist: Bhavini Soni
Art : Abhimanyu Jai
Graphics : Lengdon Phulkan, Madhuri Rathi, Darshit Gada
Production Manager : Aanup Doshi
Production Executive: Dinesh Rawat
Social Media : Tanvi Parchure
Location : TVF Campus
Cast: Radhika Bangia, Priyanka Nath

48 thoughts on “Girliyapa’s Everyday Fashion Problems

  1. The office girl is the actual proof girls with curly hair look different in every style. Saw her with her vatural texture in many videos, didn't realize it was her with the curling want curls and straight hair. She was unrecognizable.

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