Gucci Spring Summer 2019 Fashion Show: Short Edit

“I feel very close to the concept of intermixing beautiful things, between high and low culture” Alessandro Michele. Presenting the Gucci Spring Summer 2019 fashion show in the Théâtre Le Palace, Paris.
Music: Palace Variation # 1 & Palace Variation # 2
Ben Lee
La Difficulté d’Être (Selections)
Jean Cocteau & Raymond Rouleau
Poèmes (Selected From ‘Plain Chant’)
Jean Cocteau
© Gallimard 1983
Thanks to Comité Jean Cocteau

21 thoughts on “Gucci Spring Summer 2019 Fashion Show: Short Edit

  1. Nothing comes to mind other than somehow a weirdo became famous for making garbage clothing and sells the stuff for loads of cash and people swoon over it like its Jesus himself. These outfits are seriously all trash, almost quite literally.

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